7 Tips When Looking For A Wedding Photographer

How to choose a wedding photographer?

Begin your search for a wedding photographer, young face with a huge offer photo services and it is no wonder that it is difficult to choose from the variety. To entrust to photograph the most important day of your life? Which points to consider when choosing a wedding photographer? What should be the price-performance ratio? How to choose your photographer from the variety? Continue reading “7 Tips When Looking For A Wedding Photographer”

Brides with Biker Jacket

There are clothes that never go out of fashion and not only that but they come back to be topical from time to time, becoming the trend. This is what happens with the Biker Jacket, the classic rock-style leather jacket, usually black, although more and more are seen in other colors. I already have ordered mine in my list to the Magi but as the day comes I thought to do an inspiration post with brides who wore a Biker Jacket on the day of their wedding and curiously this weekend. Continue reading “Brides with Biker Jacket”

Glamorous Bridal Shoes Ideas

I like the idea that the look of the bride is becoming more flexible, and I love that now the bride can afford to wear for the wedding day any style of shoes that feels good to her and harmonize with her dress.

The shoes that the bride can choose for her wedding day can express her personality and now it is worth playing with colors and choose from flats, stilettos are more … even tennis! It is no longer frowned upon to be a daring bride and encourage you to wear the shoes you like. Continue reading “Glamorous Bridal Shoes Ideas”