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It’s THE moment: you in your perfect gown that you’ve kept from soon-to-be spouse for long enough to forget where you’d put it, and everything else on fleek, your partner- all groomed like never in his life, lock eyes for the first time.

How would you like to have it captured? Would you like to have it captured at all?

They say it’s a mistake not to. You’ll cherish this photo forever. Just make sure it’s taken from afar so that other people’s presence doesn’t ruin it.

This is a delicate dance.

Have you booked your wedding photographer yet? Read on to become aware of several traps.

One thing’s for sure: there’s nothing worse about weddings than going home with lousy, over-filtered, under-lit, reddish, vampire-like photographs.

So if you are one of those people who value memories, the lasting ones, get ready to think about your wedding photographer a little bit longer.

Here is the list of possible mistakes when hiring a professional:

1. Not Meeting the Person

Hell’s bells!

This is like picking the venue without going to check it in person.

You may have heard that this Houston wedding venue is surrounded by forest and has a room in a real-life train (it does indeed), but if you didn’t go there to see if it feels right to you, your taste and your budget, it may as well have unicorns.

You see the parallel.

Not meeting the person is fishing in the dark. Turn on the light.

2. Failing to Sign the Contract

A contract is intended to protect both parties, should anything disadvantageous happen. And it may. You can’t know it, and since it’s an important wedding item and costs a significant amount of money (it should), it’s wise to have it.

Also, think twice if a photographer doesn’t offer it in the first place. It could mean several things- first, they don’t have insurance (and nowadays more and more venues require that), or they just believe an oral agreement is enough, which is slightly naive.

Or you may be that party believing that. The thing is, a written contract is a guideline, it reflects your mutual agreement in the greatest detail and helps the photographer deliver the services exactly how you wanted.

Moreover, they need to protect their equipment or to protect themselves against last-minute cancellation. And you may have to agree to have your photos posted publicly.

Meet and go through it in the greatest detail. In the end, you will get the feeling that the money you are paying isn’t wasted since it will list everything covered by the price.

Anyway, as detailed in this article, it should include all expenses, then deliverables, privacy, interference and exclusivity, the above- mentioned cancellation policy, copyright protection, and lastly insurance and compensation. Maybe add a meal clause (you need to eat as well), and a safe working environment clause.

3. Endless Stage-managing

This one is tricky. Especially if you are one of those people who pays great attention to details and are particular. But you really, really need to trust your photographer.

You need to agree on everything beforehand, i.e. prior to signing the contract. Meaning, you need to be careful who you’re choosing.

Get the recommendations, but don’t take them for granted.

Go through the photographer’s work thoroughly. If you want a meticulous outcome, do meticulous research first. If you’re sure that the person you’ve chosen is a master of capturing the moment and emotions, on top of liking their aesthetics, stop right there.

You are in good hands. Go with the flow and try to enjoy your day. It’ll show in the photos.

4. Not Sticking to the Schedule

A photographer once said: “It’s not the quantity of light, it’s the quality of light that’s important.”

You’ve heard about Her Majesty Natural Light – well, it’s not always advantageous. Especially in the noon, it’s even detrimental. Shadows are harsh and photos cannot look good.

On the other hand, sunsets and early dawn are oh-so-covetous, but those can’t wait.

Meaning- no, you can’t have just one more drink or take just one more group photo or do your make up endlessly.

Please, stick to the schedule.

5. Not Hiring a Professional

Hiring a professional is expensive, but not hiring one is even more expensive.

It’ll cost you a nervous breakdown when you see the photos.

Seriously, you don’t want your friend to do it. Or your neighbor who works as an amateur professional for pleasure.

First, you want these people to enjoy their day equally as other guests, and second- they don’t have the equipment or expertise to manage light, movement, large groups. Not to mention editing skills.

So before you say yes to cropped legs and inadvertently blurred moments, think twice.


Actually, there are a lot more mistakes you can make while deciding on the person you’ll spend the whole day with, but we thought these are the most important points.

So, top up the budget, don’t save your penny there. Five years from now no one will remember the centerpiece flower. Yet, photographs will stick.

A good photographer may end up being your best friend. But please, don’t try vice versa.

James Barnes is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events.When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.

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