Planning a wedding requires you to make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions. The more guests you invite, the higher your costs will be. As you will naturally want all your loved ones there to witness one of the most memorable days of your life, it can be a bit of a balancing act.

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Wedding trends – some of the biggest for 2020 have been identified by Stylist – come and go, but it is important to remember that your guest list will influence many of the other decisions you will face.

Create an A list and a B list

Everyone you place on your A list should be people you simply cannot imagine not being present at your wedding. This will include your family and your close friends, who should receive the first invitations you send out. Everyone else, including colleagues and distant relatives, should be placed on your B list in order of importance. It is likely that between 10 and 20 per cent of the people you invite will be unable to attend; when this happens, you can start sending out invitations to your B list.

If you have made it onto someone’s A list, hooray! Your first task is likely to be finding something to wear. An array of beautiful dresses for wedding guests to suit every style of celebration can be found; for example, if you are looking for wedding guest dresses click here to start your search.

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Implement rules and stick to them

A solid first rule to go by is that if neither you nor your spouse has ever met or spoken to a person before, you don’t have to invite them. A typical exception to this rule might be if your parents are paying some of the costs and would like a friend to attend. It is often also a good idea to omit people you haven’t spoken to in more than three years. People who fall into this category may include second or third cousins and old school friends.

Clarify the plus-one situation

In addition to members of your wedding party, guests who are in committed relationships or married should be offered a plus-one. Single friends, colleagues and guests who are dating casually do not require a plus-one; however, if you can accommodate them, the option is likely to be appreciated.

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