If you and your soon-to-be spouse wish to have an earth-loving celebration by creating an environmentally-friendly wedding, the possibilities are endless.

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Your choice of venue is the first decision to make. There are endless locations that provide barn and farm wedding venues, woodland weddings, venues in fields and meadows, lakeside venues, flower-filled gardens and country houses – the list goes on. Many of these are licensed for weddings and lots have outdoor ceremony space. For the real outdoorsy couple, why not have a camping wedding whereby the couple can enjoy a touch of luxury with a beautifully-appointed glamping hut?

Go green

We all want to protect the environment as much as possible and this is becoming increasing easier with biodegradable materials and reusable décor. Even choosing your wedding rings can be green by choosing antique or vintage rings. Wedding invitations can be printed on recycled paper; alternatively, you can go totally paperless and use your wedding website to contact family and friends. You can also give out more information in this way, such as directions to the venue and accommodation options in the area. Use local vendors to supply your flowers and food, which will reduce the carbon footprint.

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Source a florist such as a Gloucestershire Florist company flowershedtewkesbury.co.uk that can grow their own produce, making the most of seasonal, indigenous flowers and foliage. Your clothing can also be environmental friendly; for example, you can borrow dresses and suits from family or friends and incorporate your family heirlooms. If your heart is set on a new wedding dress, choose one from a sustainable designer. Wearing vintage jewellery or your aunt’s retro jewellery will minimise what you need to buy for your nuptials.

You can encourage your guests to make their own eco-friendly confetti from rose petals, collecting fallen blooms and drying them; alternatively, you can buy a heart hole punch and recycle an old romantic book you no longer want, giving your confetti extra meaning.

If you choose to get married at a hotel location you can have a wedding breakfast with locally-sourced and delicious seasonal ingredients, ensuring fantastic-tasting dishes.

Wherever you choose to spend your big day, make sure you do everything your way.

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