Composition is such an important part of photography, particularly if you want to make a living from it, but it can be easy to forget in the pressure of the moment at a Windsor Christmas Parties location found at sites like Getting a shot of everyone dancing is particularly difficult.  Get into good habits from the start, and practise, and you’ll soon find it’s no longer something to fear.

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Avoid the Centre

The Rule of Thirds needn’t be stuck to rigidly – rules are meant to be broken, after all – but avoiding putting the subject in the middle of the image is the quickest way to improve composition. This is easy for a christmas party photographer, if their are stunning venues around every corner. Get the person who’s party it is and the venue all in same shot.

“Thirds” is just one rule of composition, but there are many more. Digital Camera World explains some of them, and why they work.

Hide and Seek

Staying out of view of your subject will help with expression if you’re shooting people, as well as with composition. Whatever the subject, including some foliage, brick or ironwork will add more depth to your work. A frame within a frame adds another dimension and even some mystery. Exposure Guide has more detail on composition.

Someone Else in the Portrait

Another great way to add mystery and context to your photographs, particularly portraits, is to add another person into the shot. But just a little bit. This is a great trick for party photographers.

For example, take the birthday boys portrait with him seated and just his partners hand on this shoulder, or the birthday boys face looking at the cake.

Fill the Frame

The subject needn’t fill the whole frame, but it must look deliberate. Keeping the aperture large will blur the background and can be a useful tool for focusing the eye on the subject. This can be useful for shots of the birthday boys gifts,  and the late night disco, or during the puddings.
Nothing will improve your eye for the perfect picture like practice, so get out there and shoot some parties!

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