There is no doubt that weddings are becoming ridiculously expensive. Every couple should be able to plan the wedding of their dreams and still stick within their budget, it just takes a bit of pre-planning and organisation. Here are some ideas to save money in the lead up to your big day, so that you can have the wedding you desire without ending up in frightening amounts of debt:

  1. Increasingly couples are choosing to live together before getting married and living on one wage while saving the other. If you don’t already have children, then this is easier to achieve obviously. If it’s possible, try living on just one monthly income while banking the rest until you reach an amount large enough to cover the cost of your wedding.
  2. If you can’t live together but both live independently, consider if one of you could move back in with family until after the wedding. That way you’ll save a whole pay packet each month that can go towards the wedding instead of on rent and bills. Whilst not ideal, it need only be a temporary arrangement.  Surely, it’s preferable to pay off a credit card for the rest of your working life!

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  1. It’s totally understandable if saving a whole monthly income is not feasible. If you can’t save all of it, then put a part of it to one side and see if you can supplement your savings through other means.
  2. Sell unwanted or duplicate items on sites like Gumtree and Ebay. This will not only raise you much-needed funds for the big day but is also practical if you’re going to be combining households and have lots of duplicate items. Anything from old clothes, TVs, cookware, garden items or furniture can raise hundreds to go towards your dream day.
  3. Perhaps either or both of you could take on some extra part-time temporary work. If you both do it, it will reduce the number of hours needed by each person to raise additional cash and doesn’t put the pressure on one person. It might not pay for the whole wedding, but it will supply you with a nice amount of cash to make a difference to your wedding plans or honeymoon.
  4. Reducing the initial size and scale of the wedding can also relieve a lot of pressure on you both. Remember that a perfectly beautiful and memorable day doesn’t have to be staged on an epic scale. Nobody wants to start married life with a mountain of debt, particularly if you both already have things like car payments, student loans and existing credit card payments to make.
  5. Write a list of wedding gifts nice and early that are essential things you could do with.  This way you don’t buy them and you save this money for something else.  You could people to get you a unique gift that is valuable in its own right like from a Coin Dealers UK business found at links including where they have a huge selection of valuable items.

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  1. Another option to make savings is by choosing a reasonably priced venue on an off-peak day, but one set in stunning grounds so you can have less photos taken but of a higher quality.
  2. One of the easiest ways to cut costs is to reduce the size of your guest list to close family and friends only. It might be sensible to forgo the invitations for work colleagues, neighbours and distant cousins, for example.


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