A couple were overwhelmed when staff members volunteered to work at their wedding after the venue unexpectedly closed down.

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The Kindness Of Strangers

The staff at the Leisure Club have been commended by the couple and organisers for their hard work and kindness, volunteering to work for no pay to save a couple’s wedding from disaster.

Due to take place on a Saturday, newly-wed couple Amanda Mularczyk and Adam Sanders were notified on Thursday that the venue was closing down. Having booked the party for 200 guests years in advance, spending thousands in the process, the couple were devastated.

However quick-thinking and compassionate hotel staff who had lost their jobs stepped in on the Saturday as planned, to ensure the wedding party went smoothly. This included the welcome staff inviting guests to sit on the Reception Chairs sourced from links such as bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/reception-chairs/ In spite of having been told that they would not be paid the month’s wages, as many as a dozen former members of staff decided that the couple’s big day should not suffer and that they would work regardless.

“We have been overwhelmed by the team’s efforts,” the groom Adam Sanders, 35, told a local newspaper. “They bent over backwards for us.”

Unforeseen Circumstances

While the venue had announced in May that it expected to close down in October, the date was abruptly brought forward and could have left the couple bitterly disappointed. In spite of many couples planning their weddings over a year in advance, such events are not uncommon. While regular guests may be somewhat inconvenienced, a wedding party may have taken months or longer to plan, and at considerable expense.

In the area alone, a number of other venues recently closed down including Alexandra House in Wroughton, Blunsdon House Hotel, and The Wiltshire Hotel Golf and Leisure Club.

Adam Sanders and Amanda Mularczyk were fortunate enough to be helped by kind and selfless staff, but with additional forward-thinking and preparation, other couples can help to spare themselves from stressful last minute changes. Booking reputable venues and churches such as those approved by the Church Of England.
The couple’s party organised a small donation to the staff for their efforts and were delighted that the happy day could progress as planned, in spite of unforeseen circumstances.

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