How to dance at a wedding

The tradition regarding the first dance of the bride and groom has undergone significant changes in recent years. And beyond the classic waltz, with its variants of difficulty, more and more bride and groom opt for a different bridal dance, as one of the original novel ideas for current weddings. How to dance at a wedding? In numerous stagings, such as setting up a different and fun choreography between the two or even a flash mob with all the friends. Whichever option you choose, remember that the wedding hairstyle should resist without a problem and that the footwear should be comfortable, such as wedding shoes with a little heel.

How to dance at a wedding?

How to prepare this first dance as husband and wife? There are varied ways, almost as many as the imagination dictates. Below we show you how to dance at a wedding.

1. According to your personality

The first question you should ask yourself about the dance is this: are you one of those who do not stop spinning and moving the skeleton when you go out? Or rather of those couples who stick to the bar to talk quietly? Your character will let you know how you want to face that moment. For dance lovers, there is an infinite assortment of fun ideas for very crazy weddings: party choreographies, music that combines very different styles and rhythms … In case you find it a nightmare to coordinate the limbs in front of everyone, and you just want to go out gracefully of the occasion, opt for something more calm and emotional with what you feel comfortable.

2. Choose the song and style

If you bet on the traditional waltz and you are not very skilled with dancing, keep in mind that the French waltz is simpler than the Viennese. Learning the latter will be a challenge, so you should not demand perfection from the beginning. Another option is that you learn only a piece of the choreography and then change to a more cheerful style, or that you ask the DJ to make you a remix with the romantic wedding songs that you want to dance. So you will comply with the protocol and add a bonus of originality to the moment.

3. Solo or in a group

The most embarrassing are in luck because flashmobs have put group choreography into fashion. You can ask a few friends or family to accompany you taking advantage of the texts for wedding invitations that the chosen ones will read months in advance. You open the dance alone and let others join you after a few moments.

4. Dance classes or tutorials

Those who prefer to be self-taught, you can count on the help of the internet to prepare the steps. Look for the right moment and practice in the living room of your home to the rhythm of the tutorials that seem most appropriate for your level. Another option, whenever possible, is that you go dancing classes a few weeks before day B. Do not be lazy: they will be a fun time between the two. And even passionate!

5. The right wardrobe

Consider ​​changing your outfit. Maybe that original wedding suit is too tight, and the dance is very moved. Heels may be too high to rotate safely, or the mermaid-cut wedding dress does not leave enough leg width. Do what you need to be as comfortable as possible and dress for the occasion.

6. How about a slow song?

You are not born dancers. You don’t have time to go to dancing classes and you can be shy. What to do in these cases? Perhaps the best option is to dance a slow song that has a special meaning for both. Hold on tightly he with his hands on your waist and you with his hands around his neck – look into each other’s eyes and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the moment.

Once you have chosen the style and rhythm of the music, make the best wedding songs sound and … shine! Surely, whether you asked for it or not, your guests cannot avoid rolling up their party dresses and stepping on the floor beside you. The party will have just begun!

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