how to choose a wedding photographer

When you prepare the wedding, you spend a lot of effort and money on the dress, the bouquet, the banquet, and a thousand other things. The photos become your memories. If you did not choose a good photographer, you would inevitably end up regretting it forever. For wedding decisions, the photographer’s choice should be one of the most important. Let’s see how to choose a wedding photographer to snap good photos.

How to choose a wedding photographer?

A good photographer can create stunning scenes. A bad photographer can damage the most site and spoil the memory of the most beautiful day and the visual legacy that you will leave to the next generations.

* Do not be fooled by extra products such as the album or because it is more expensive or cheaper.

* Look at the photographer’s work, three good photos are not worth it.

* Do not be impressed by beautiful weddings, supermodels or wedding sites that may not be like yours.

* Make sure you meet your photographer and that you get along.


You can buy a piece of furniture now and think when you save more. You’ll buy a better one, but with wedding photos, you can’t. Photos are something you only invest in once and for all.

I have heard it said: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price” And it is true in wedding photography. Do not skimp on your photos. The photographer should be a priority. A very good photographer deserves to be well paid. He will be the one to do your hair on end time after time for years to see your wedding photos.

You have to choose the photographer you love his work from, although then the rest of the things he offers you are very basic. Do not let yourself be coaxed because it offers you canvas or the largest album in the world and with a thousand different fabrics to choose from.

how to choose a wedding photographer

Where do I start looking for?

Never choose the photographer you see first or the one recommended by the wedding venue. Sometimes you see terrible photos in the most beautiful place because of the commissions that are taken between the farm and the photographer.

Do not look for photographers only in your area. Sometimes the best photographers may not be close to where you live. They may have to move from the other side of the country or the world!

Google is a good way to search. There are many wedding photographers. It is worth making a list and comparing, although the fact that a photographer appears first in Google search does not mean that it is of the best. This will require patience, but nobody said it was easy!

Styles, skill …

Can you compare the photograph? Maybe in the picture, you can not say this is better, and this is worse, what you do know is when you look at some photos, and you know that you love them. They reach you inside and make you feel that something special. Now, you have found your photographer.

Lately, the term wedding photojournalism is coined a lot, and it is true. Which journalist a photographer must tell the story of that day transmitting the atmosphere that was there. Capture moments that a casual observer could escape, such as tears, laughter, glances, hugs, and magical moments. It is also important to capture all those details that you have spent months preparing with such love. Out of this, the good photographer will create romantic and spectacular scenes that you will later want to make a canvas.

If a photographer makes excuses that he has lost important moments because he only takes photos with natural light, he is lazy doing his job. Light can be created. One tip is that you never do your first dance totally in the dark, but the photographer will not be able to focus. Just talk all this before with him.

I am not saying that all wedding photographers should have a lighting kit and use it in a particular way. Only that they have the enormous responsibility of capturing that unique and unrepeatable moment, if they are not going to be able to capture under some circumstances, they should notify.

What works should you see?

wedding photographer

Ask the photographer to see other examples of weddings, and not four photographs, but a generous report. When you see the photos, do not be impressed by a spectacular wedding that may not be like yours. And although it sounds ugly: supermodels or spectacular places that may not be like yours.

It is normal for a photographer to have a blog on his website, where he shows his latest works. Also, it is not enough to show 4 good photographs of a wedding. Anyone could do that. Nor is it necessary to show the full report, but it would be nice to show around 80 photos, though. If not, you can stay with him and ask to see a full report.

Must I have been in my place before?

This is a frequently asked question. It really is not necessary. A good photographer already knows all the possible circumstances of light and what can be done with them. It will always adapt very well to the site and will arrive with a pair of fresh eyes ready to find new ways to capture your photos in that place.

Sometimes it can be a disadvantage that a photographer is too familiar with a place. The photographer may have been typecast and have a standard approach that does not suit you and your wedding.

Backup copy

Does your photographer offer a backup? And if you accidentally lose the photos, what responsibility will it assume? Make sure everything comes reflected in your contract.


Sometimes, cameras fail. So, make sure your photographer has at least two cameras and equipment to support him in case of an accident.

All in the rule?

It may be a bit the same, but find out that the photographer can respond to any problem and has everything in order and legal: self-employed, high tax, you can issue an invoice or civil liability policy if the farm requires it, apart from the professional ethics of the guild that are affected by non-professional photographers. Lately, there are many inspections in which you are asked for invoices for all the services provided. So, keep an eye and do not play it. And be careful because you can present an inspector not only on the day of the wedding but years later and claim everything.

Do I have to give the planning of the day to my photographer?

It does not hurt, but a good photographer will be accustomed and knows well the choreography of a wedding. It will always be attentive and prepared for everything that could arise.

When you do the planning, do not forget to set aside time for your photos and choose a good place for it. The photographer can not do magic by inventing the photos. If you would like group photographs, also set aside a moment for this and discuss it briefly with the photographer.

Good vibes?

It is very important to get along with your photographer, and he does not separate from you. If it were a stranger that does not make you feel comfortable, it would be noticed in your photos. It will be the only provider you deal with before, during, and after the wedding. Making a pre-wedding is very advisable. We hope this guide on how to choose a wedding photographer can help a lot to make the memory of your wedding day precious.

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