How to Pose for Wedding Photos

I am not a supporter of poses in a wedding photographer. The pose breaks the pattern of naturalness and spontaneity that should be the main aim of a wedding photojournalist in everywhere. So how to pose for wedding photos?

How to pose for wedding photos?

It is not possible to take photos of an entire wedding, with no poses. Especially at the time of the walk. This is because one cannot leave too much to chance a beauty moment. The walk-in fact) that is almost always the only time of the day when the spouses are alone.

Not everyone, before a goal, can be spontaneous and natural. It is fully understandable. If the spouses do, they should be kept to a minimum. So how do you do it? First, it must be understood that the bride and groom will be the center of attention on the wedding day, willy-nilly. Needless to change things, it will be like this.

How to Pose for Wedding Photos

Being at the center of attention, however, does not mean transforming the event into a film set, sometimes it happens. Being the center of attention means that the people you have invited will be there with you, to celebrate your union and your day of celebration. So, by positively facing the event, accept the fact that the stars of the day will be you.

The next step is to choose a professional photographer in Rome or wherever your wedding takes place, which is in line with your vision. The photographer will be delighted to advise you and direct you in the best way, to look good in the photos.

The advice of the photographer of marriage

For example, I give advice first: be spontaneous. Don’t worry about how you will come. You can’t do anything about it. You can’t always show your best profile. It’s impossible! It is up to the skill of the reportage photographer to bring out the best both in terms of human figures and emotions. Especially in wedding reportage, you can’t control poses. This is because you have to concentrate on the moments and emotions that such an important day returns and that often. Only thanks to photos or video, you will be able to remember. I seem biased, but it’s true.

The advice of the wedding photographer

The wedding photographer is a complicated profession. It has to bring together many parts of photography, reportage, beauty, still images, and also the human psychological part. It is a complex trade.

Today, taking pictures is within everyone’s reach, thanks to technology. But as far as the cameras can evolve, the human part remains fundamental. When you choose a photographer for your wedding without poses, in reality, you choose the person behind you. In my case, he is a person who will reduce the poses of your marriage to a minimum, but, he will not give up if you let him, to put even some beautiful, modern and creative, in suitable moments.

Who is the Wedding Photographer?

When the time comes, we will try, most spontaneously and lightly possible, to make some posing shots, without falling into the heaviness that the term poses recalls. All in a creative and fun way if possible. And so it will be easy to come well in wedding photos.
Because marriage is a day of celebration, remember that!

What does the creative wedding photographer recommend in the reportage style?

For all couples, who prefer a true story to fiction and who prefer emotions to the standardization of the soul and to the homologation of expressions, the wedding photojournalist is the figure that can help you in getting the report you have always dreamed of.

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