modern hippie wedding dresses

What do we think when we hear the word hippie? Hippy dresses? People with a quiet lifestyle without worries, liberal relationships, and flowers in their hair? This is the typical image of hippies. However, the hippie subculture has much more to offer, as it promotes freedom, peace, and love … much love.

When two hippies get married, it’s a real party. Here I present wedding dresses inspired by hippie culture. Oh yeah! The thing about flowers in her hair is true… 🙂 Let’s see the modern hippie wedding dresses that are breaking the classic trends of wedding dresses.

Modern hippie wedding dresses

1.- Brit and Jeff. A royal couple who got married in an outdoor ceremony inspired by music festivals.

Brit and Jeff

2.- Ideal dress for a wedding near the sea.

dress for a wedding near the sea

3.- If you don’t have flowers in your hair, wear them in your dress.

Flower dress

4.- Meital Zano Hareli dresses are very beautiful and ideal for brides who want a dress with a hippie touch.

dress with a hippie touch

5.- Having metal elements in a wedding dress sounds absurd, but in this case, we check the opposite. The chains highlight the elegance of the bride.

metal elements in a wedding dres

6.- Leah, a royal bride, shows us the power of flowers. A simple dress comes to life thanks to flowers.

simple dress

These hippie wedding dresses are very common in new outdoor ceremonies in the summer months. It really has nothing to do with authentic hippie weddings. There are designs with very expensive materials that have a higher selling price than the classics.

They are beautiful dresses that look pure white and allows combinations with multiple accessories such as flowers, headbands, crowns, and many more accessories.

What dress did you like best? Would you like to wear a similar dress on your wedding day?

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