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Did you know how much does a wedding dress cost? The price of the wedding dress has a fork so wide that you need a lot of time and good planning to find what you want, at the price you want to spend, and with the features, you like most.

You are beginning the search for your wedding dress and, do not know where to start? Do not worry. Today I come to talk about the different prices of the dress, the number of alternatives you have, and how you should do to avoid falling into the error of so many brides who start looking for their dress without planning. Dear reader, make yourself comfortable because we go shopping!

How much does a wedding dress cost?

It is normal that when you look for your wedding dress. You start visiting all the portals of the main bridal firms. This option is very good for you to choose those dresses that you like and, above all, that may fit your silhouette.

However, for locating prices, I do not advise you to do it only through the internet. The bridal fashion has an appointment reservation section at any of their physical stores. You must book one of those visits to be advised by a professional.

It is that a wedding dress never has a final price; It does have a starting price, but you can ask to plan, including some lace or change a cut. Therefore, it is not so simple to know the price of the dress like this, at first glance.

Anyway, I don’t want you to leave here without knowing how much a wedding dress costs. So, let’s a start.

Pronovias wedding dress

pronovias wedding dress

It is the most beloved The USA firm for the brides of our country. She pioneered the prêt-à-porter of bridal fashion; Here you can find what you want. Your dress, but also all the accessories and even all the women at your wedding can dress. I suggest that, as I tell you above, book an appointment with a specialist who will guide you through the purchase process. It has good value for money. You can find dresses of 1,200 dollars; and, as it goes up the category according to the collection, the designer, etc … can reach 3,000 dollars.

Tailor-made wedding dress

tailor made wedding dress

Tailor-made clothing seems like a very good alternative, especially in a wedding dress. Besides choosing everything, fabrics, embroidery, lace, etc …, you will always wear a unique dress made exclusively for you. Many brides fear this way of ordering their dress because they think, once done, they can no longer change their mind.

Do I give you some advice? Visit several stores, all you can; try on the styles you like best. See how you feel, how you look, how your companions see you. And get ideas to tell your dressmaker. Thus, you will always be safe about the cut of your wedding dress.

The price of the tailor-made dress is much better than a signature one. It can cost you between 600 and 900 dollars. Make sure very well who will make the dress; Ask for references. And, if it doesn’t convince you, don’t order it; Find another studio where they do it to you.

Rosa Clara wedding dress

rosa clara wedding dress

The USA dressmaker with international projection is characterized by the design and preparation of wedding dresses with high-quality fabrics and impeccable finishes, while elegant. Again, I advise you to book an appointment with an expert from the firm to advise you on everything. The price of the dress in this The USA firm ranges between 2,000 and 5,000 dollars.

Cortana wedding dress

cortana wedding dress

Cortana is the signature of designer Rosa Esteva, an exceptional creator of couture fashion. Originally from Palma de Mallorca, her wedding dresses reflect simplicity and comfort in very elegant designs. It is characterized by the sewing of the models in small local workshops. It shows in the impeccable finishes of all its garments.

Cortana dresses are at the height of the large international designer firms, so the prices are around 2,000 dollars, the cheapest models, reaching higher prices depending on the cut of the dress.

Covadonga Plaza wedding dress

covadonga plaza wedding dress

Covadonga Plaza is passionate about bridal fashion. In his workshop, he has some pieces that he places on your body, thus designing your exclusive dress. It is a way to make your dress from the hand of a great designer. The price of the wedding dress is around 3,300 dollars; You know that it depends on everything you want to incorporate into the garment.

Ze Garcia wedding dress

ze garcia wedding dress

Ze García is a fashion designer. Very well known for having designed the wedding dress for an important influence of The USA fashion. Select your clients quite a lot and never reveal the prices of your wedding dresses. It is normal for a designer of such rank.

Aire Barcelona wedding dress

aire barcelona wedding dress

Aire Barcelona is the low-cost brand of Rosa Clará. It offers high-quality designs and style, despite being the little sister of the great Catalan firm. Without losing the essence of the firm, you can find dresses around 1,000 dollars.

Signature Outlet wedding dress

signature outlet wedding dress

Like any normal clothing collection, bridal fashion firms also sell dresses from other seasons, thus reducing their price considerably. It’s a matter of following a specific dress and be aware of when they lower it to outlet prices.

You can find dresses for about 2,000 dollars. But keep in mind that for a couture dress it is a great price. And for less price, in this store, you have them from 400 dollars.

Low-cost wedding dresses

You can also find very nice wedding dresses at low-cost prices. In this physical store, they have over 200 models of low-cost wedding dresses and USA clothing. You can find a dress of 200 dollars.

But an alternative that is taking a lot of strength is to buy your dress online. Multiple online stores offer you a variety of dresses with prices from 250 dollars. Look, this store can be an example.  I suggest you visit it because it also offers many types of dresses, besides your wedding dress.

If you buy your wedding dress online, I advise you to do it well in advance. Thus, if when you arrive, you want to modify something, you can always take it to a dressmaker to give it your personal touch.

In any of the pages and stores that I have told you throughout this article, you can also find wedding dresses for a civil wedding. Normally, they are simpler than one for a religious wedding, or with more etiquette. The price of the wedding dress for a civil wedding can be found from 150 dollars.


Here I propose two modalities. On the one hand, there is the rental of any wedding dress. It is easy for you to find dresses from important firms at a great price. You can even afford to rent more than one dress. In Asia it is very common to do so; the brides rent a dress for each moment, the wedding, the photo report, for the banquet, etc …

There is an option that I want to tell you because you will surely like it. You can talk to a designer to make a wedding dress for you, but only to wear it on your wedding day. Then, you return it so you can rent it to other girlfriends. If the designer is starting his career, it is a way to make him known. Thus, you win both.

10 tips for you to find your wedding dress without dying in the attempt

The price of the dress is important when organizing your wedding budget. But I want to leave you some tips to make it easier for you to find it, and soon.

  1. Do not rush or delay: Even if it seems like a lot, try to start looking for your dress as soon as possible. A year before is a good start. It will give you time to try on dresses, shuffle options and make settled decisions.
  2. Do not idealize a dress that does not exist: many women think of their wedding dress since they have a reason. It may prevent you from seeing others that you like.
  3. Be very clear about the price of the dress you can afford: but add all the accessories (veil, shoes, jewelry, lingerie, socks, everything!) And, under no circumstances, you get out of that amount.
  4. Do not try on dresses that you can not afford: just pass them. Even if it seems they are calling you, don’t do it. If you cannot bear the price of the dress, you will have to lower expectations, and it will be painful.
  5. Keep a cool head at all times: I know it’s very exciting to try on wedding dresses. And you may come up because do you know any ugly girlfriend? Therefore, keep your ideas about the dress very firm. Choose the dress that you like and not the one advised by any of your companions.
  6. Don’t take too many shopping friends with you: many different opinions, far from helping you, can confuse you more. Choose the women closest to you.
  7. Forget about the sizes: the bridal fashion does not follow the same size as the garment, in general. So, do not be overwhelmed if they bring you a dress with a very distant number to your usual size.
  8. Look at yourself from all angles: ask them to take pictures from behind, and the side. Look closely at all corners of your body. You have to be very sure. It’s your wedding dress!
  9. When you find your dress, don’t keep looking: now, I know it’s very fun to try on wedding dresses. But, if you have already found yours, automatically stop doing it. I could confuse you more, and you should be relaxed for the beautiful day that approaches.
  10. Choose a trusted atelier: if you decide to be a dressmaker, or designer, who makes your dress for you, choose the workshop very well. Ask for references, find out well who will participate in the making of your dress. And if you don’t like them, nothing happens, look for another atelier so, until you are convinced.

I hope I helped you, and now that you are clear about the price of the dress you will wear on the most important day of your life. Which alternative do you prefer? Did you get married? What option did you choose? Tell us!

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