Bridal Wedding Belts

Belts are one compliment to which perhaps not much attention is paid when thinking about the attire for a wedding, neither by the parties nor by the guests. In many occasions, they help to give a different and original touch to the clothes.

The belts also perform a decorative function when placed on a blouse, on a dress or on a pullover. It can be worn at the waist or dropped on the hip for an appearance casual and feminine. The prices of the wedding belts have a very wide margin so it will not be necessary to spend too much money if you do not want or can not.

All about bridal wedding belts

Although there are still people who find it strange, the truth is that in recent times the belts have become a very important complement for wedding dresses. Some caution must be taken when choosing a belt for the wedding dress. It is not a matter of selecting the one we like the most. Other important factors must be taken so as not to spoil the set.

Tips for choosing a belt

If you are thinking of decorating your wedding dress with a belt you have to take into account some details like the ones we offer below:

Wide belts: If you have a lot of chest or wide hip, you should avoid this type of belt because they will create the visual effect that you are much wider than you are. On the contrary, if you are a tall thin girl and you have little hip, these belts will look great on you.

Narrow belts: It helps to make your figure look more stylized. You should choose a narrow belt whose color is the same color as the dress or very similar. They are also suitable for women who do not have a marked waist.

Belts with large ornaments: Belts of this style have the effect of shortening the figure and increasing the volume so that women with a narrow waist and little chest become well.
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Where to wear a belt?

Although this question seems a bit obvious, the truth is that party belts have much more possibilities than we think and it is very important the place and the way we put them on because it can completely change the overall impression of our outfit.

Of course, the belts can be placed at the waist to mark it and make it visually narrower, making it the perfect place for women with a low waist. On the contrary, if the bride (or the guest) has a narrow hip, this is where the belt should go to compensate for the curves of the figure and conceal. Finally, the belts can be placed just below the chest to enhance it, something to consider if the woman has the little chest.

Types of wedding belts

There is a wide variety of belts to choose from, whether they are wedding belts or guest belts. When you prepare to choose one, in addition to taking into account the advice we have left above, think about the clothes with which you are going to wear it to create an incredible effect when the eyes are on you.

Jewel belts

These belts have become fashionable recently and turn out to be authentic jewelry around the waist. They consist of pieces of tulle or silk in which pearls or crystals are imitated imitating the tiaras. They are delicate, beautiful, and very worked. It is true that they are not suitable for all body types or any wedding or party dress.

A simple dress can gain a lot of light and leanness by placing one of these belts on it. Many women choose Swarovski’s wedding belts to illuminate a plain and unadorned dress.

Some women choose a simple dress to focus attention on the belt and also dispense with wearing jewelry too pretentious to give it all the prominence.

Embroidered belts

Within the range of wedding belts, we find this type that consists of embroidery of thread, sequins, stones, or crystals that is sewn directly to the dress imitating a belt. It is a sober and simple complement ideal to enhance discreet dresses but without the result being too exaggerated.

Flower belts

The wedding flower belts always give a romantic air, whether it is worn by the bride or by a guest. They are very versatile both in shapes, sizes, and color, so it offers many possibilities to choose exactly the one that best highlights the outfit.

Also, there are cheap wedding flower belts without having to be of poor quality. If you are tricky, you can do it yourself using ribbons, cords, decorative flowers, felt and a little silicone.

Wear this type of belts on single-colored dresses, in case you are invited and not the bride. A contrast that usually works very well is to wear a pastel-colored dress to place stronger colors on the belt flowers.

You can make the belt match with the headdress, with the shoes or with another compliment.

If you are the bride, the flower belt can go to match the flowers in your bouquet or with those of your hairstyle but try not to lose prominence to your dress.

Feather belts

Within the category of original belts for brides and also for guests, the feather belts undoubtedly stand out. It is a daring compliment, and yes, we must be aware of the effect that we want to cause since within the feathers there are several sizes and colors as we want.

Without a doubt, we recommend wearing a feather belt when the dress is plain and simple, without any adornment or decoration. It is formed that the belt serves to give it life and color and to draw attention to it. These belts can carry some applique in the form of jewelry, pearls, or crystals.

Vintage bridal belts

Virtually everyone is in love with vintage, and it is not for less. Do you know that you can wear a detail of this style in your wedding dress? It’s as simple as choosing a belt of this style to give that evocative and romantic touch to your appearance on the happiest day of your life.

These belts are usually rhinestones in old tones, like pieces of antique jewelry. Others are made with silk or tulle, always with soft colors and pastels, as if we were looking at an old photograph.

Metal belts

This is another risky bet, but it can have a surprising result if you know how to use it properly. These types of finishes stand out because they are simple, sometimes even sober, but at the same time give a differentiating touch.

If you are one of those invited to the wedding, dare to wear a metal belt with a dress or jumpsuit black color, to be truly shocking. If you are the bride, a metal belt with the right width not to shorten your figure can give a special touch to your dress. You can choose between several shades such as silver, gold, or copper for bridal wedding belts.

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