romantic wedding

Poetic set-ups and atmospheres of the past … a romantic wedding is the dream of a whole life that finally takes shape and becomes reality.

The wedding is romantic by definition. It is a fable that is fulfilled, the dream of a whole life that finally becomes reality.

And to make sure that the fairy tale begins, here we gave you 5 suggestions for setting up a real romantic wedding.

1 – The color of the arrangements for a romantic wedding

As for the arrangements, there is no doubt: a romantic wedding wants, demands, requires decorations, decorations and pink atmospheres. From the brightest nuances to the more tenuous ones, we suggests you to decline every little detail in this shade that has always been synonymous with tender and poetic love. Next to pink, colors can be added that always range on light and delicate shades, the classic “pastel” colors such as …

  • Ivory;
  • Peach color;
  • Lilac;
  • Light green;
  • Light blue;

To begin with, you could set up a series of houppa poolside where the heart of the wedding banquet will take place. The houppa are special wrought-iron canopy gazebos, set up with delicate white fabrics that sway in the wind. The pool instead acquires a romantic allure with pink, purple and white cushions scattered all over its perimeter, interspersed with lanterns that, once lit, will create the right atmosphere.

Inside the pool scented aquatic candles of different sizes are that extra detail that makes the difference.

2 – Yes to roses for floral arrangements

If pink is the dominant color in a romantic wedding, the flowers that match best are the roses. Fragrant, elegant and always in fashion, you can use roses or peonies with its romantic settings to create endless combinations of uses, such as in the impressive centerpieces that stand out on the place, combined with white mist, or united in small bunches and spread in the relaxation areas designed to rest newlyweds and guests during the reception. Romantic is also the use of the same fabric as the bridal veil to embellish and enrich the different compositions and the bouquet.

The extra touch: in order not to flatten the context it is necessary that the roses chosen are of different shades of pink.

3 – The ideal location for a romantic wedding

The context is fundamental, it delimits the boundaries of the emotions that we want to convey, and it makes us savor that romantic taste that will overwhelm us then with the installation that we have chosen to achieve. For example you can choose a villa, a castle or an ancient dwelling from the 18th century, a century in which romanticism saw its beginnings: the large parks of these locations, often studded with thousands of roses, are the ideal set for a marriage so romantic, but also elegant and unique. These places are extremely suitable for creating a fairy-tale style environment, something that moves away from everyday reality and gives us the impression of being in a magical and unique dimension.

4 – The look of the romantic bride

Another element not to be forgotten, it is the romantic wedding dress. Whether it is white, ivory or with a pastel shade, the important thing is that it is enriched with lace, train and veil.

The hairstyle must instead be soft, such as a low chignon, enriched with flowers or other elements such as beads or glitter.

5 – The details of the table for a romantic wedding

Needless to say, it is the details that make the difference: whichever place you choose it is important that every aspect accompanies the mind to that idea of romanticism that moves the whole reception. We suggests for the tables …

  • Elegance and simplicity in tablecloths, but with fine fabrics;
  • The centerpieces with mirrors positioned in the center of the table;
  • Martini cups containing floral compositions and, sometimes, Swarovski type pendants;
  • Pink ribbons around the plates for decoration;
  • If you opt for round tables, a total white with a pink central table runner will be the perfect solution.

And finally, last but not least, the queen of the party … majesty the cake! Sweet in the soul, the wedding cake must have its corner set up in a workmanlike manner, it must have its space to be admired before being tasted. That’s why it is good to foresee a different place than the banquet where to move for the solemn cut: even here you can play with the different shades of pink and make everything even more romantic we think tulle tablecloths and decorations with lace and lace.

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