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It is said that jewels are a woman’s best friend, but what can be ideal jewelry a bride wear for her evening wedding? Read on to find out how to show off a flawless set!

After sunset, the atmosphere becomes magical and everything takes on a more fascinating appearance. And if in these circumstances you will show off a long and elegant wedding dress, the same certainty cannot be had on the jewels you will wear! In the matrimonial sphere, when we talk about earrings, necklaces and various bijoux, we often face doubts and diverging opinions: what is allowed and what is absolutely forbidden for a bride?

There are no hard and fast rules but in the case of an evening reception, as with any other type of wedding, wedding etiquette provides some guidelines that will help you in choosing the right accessories for your look. In this article we will reveal you which are the best jewels for an evening reception and how to wear them also taking into account your make-up and bridal hairstyle.

Attention to bon ton

Despite the fact that for daytime ceremonies we tend to think that too showy jewels are in bad taste, in the case of an evening reception you will be allowed to dare with earrings or other more ostentatious jewels. But be careful not to overdo it! The class of a bride always stands out for its good taste and the grace of its look, and it is known that with an excess of rhinestones or exaggerated stones one would only get the opposite result.

This does not mean that you have to give up the charm of precious diamonds, do not forget that in an evening reception the watchword is always and only one: shine! The important thing is to balance every single element of your appearance well, creating a harmonious but at the same time captivating whole. Of no less importance then will be the balance that you will create with your dress: choose jewels that are in line with it and that follow its style, respecting the shades and the various chromatic gradations.

 ideal jewelry

Earrings hanging from classic references

For a bride who chooses to say the fateful yes after sunset, the dangling earrings are a distinctive feature of style and elegance, and will be absolutely essential to complete your look too.

The bridal tradition, however, requires that a bride wear white pearls in her big day, as a symbol of purity and elegance. How about joining these two elements to create a new and completely modern image? Pearls yes, but with an extra touch!

If you love classic style, you can choose pendent earrings with pearls of different sizes that create a fun game of asymmetries. And for the more daring, why not dare with a touch of color? It could be a beautiful emerald green or a bright ruby red, both perfect to give brightness to your evening ceremony!

For a very bright décolleté

A special case is the necklaces: many brides often renounce the use of this very elegant jewel because it is difficult to match with their own dress, especially when you are faced with necklines of a certain type or too elaborate bodices.

But if you have organized an evening reception in a minimal chic style and plan to wear a simple wedding dress without too gorgeous decorations, an original and graceful necklace will be what it takes to emphasize a sophisticated and classy outfit.

One of the trends most in vogue at the moment is to wear a choker necklace with references to the motifs of nature: flowers, leaves and ornaments of various types, all strictly shiny!

A noble touch

To finish off your outfit with a decidedly princely note you can’t miss a precious tiara, the indispensable jewel that will crown you as the undisputed queen of your wedding ceremony. The sparkling diamonds that will enrich your wedding hairstyle for loose or gathered hair are ideal to make you shine during a fun and elegant party under the stars.

An accessory as unique as the diadem also lends itself very well to all those evening receptions that however have nuances of vintage references: you can wear it just like a princess but you should not fear the stroke of midnight to escape its first dance!

Choose carefully the jewels that you will wear during your big day, but remember that for an evening reception all that glitters will never be inappropriate! And speaking of shiny look, have you already considered the idea of a bright pair of jeweled sandals or a small glittered clutch to complete your outfit?

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