Selecting the perfect dress for your bridesmaids is one of the most difficult tasks to tick off your list before the big day.

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You will naturally want the happiest day of your life to be memorable for your wedding party and guests, so ensuring you have enough time to choose the right dresses is crucial for your bridesmaids. Here are our six tips for choosing your bridesmaid dresses.

1. Consider the style of your wedding dress

The dresses you choose will rely greatly on the details and style of your own wedding dress. Therefore, you must make the final decision on your bridal dress before browsing for bridesmaid outfits to ensure that their outfits will complement your own.

2. The season of your wedding

It’s important to choose bridesmaid outfits which suit the season of your wedding. For example, if you are exchanging vows during the peak of summer, make sure that your girls are not dressed in outfits made from thick or heavy fabric.

3. Budget

Traditionally, bridesmaids would pay for their own outfits for a wedding. If you are following suit, and your girls are paying or contributing towards their dresses, then you must consider what they can afford.

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Setting a budget which all your bridesmaids can meet is extremely beneficial.

4. Browse styles

It is likely that each of your bridesmaids has a different height and body figure, as well as a unique style from the others.

To overcome this, recommend styles and shapes which could flatter their figures, and avoid selecting dresses which are embellished with too many decorations or ornaments.

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5. Choose colour

It is probable that as a bride you will be wearing a pure white dress during the ceremony. Therefore, you could choose dresses in soft shades for your bridesmaids to complement your dress.

Light colours such as pink, light green and sky blue prove popular with brides.

6. Consider length and fabric

The length and fabric is also essential to the dress. Satin fabric, beautiful chiffon and classic, romantic lace are popular choices for bridesmaid outfits.

Choosing shorter length dresses also ensures the outfit will suit all your bridesmaids.

Offering a more youthful look, a shorter dress ensures your bridesmaids can dance while remaining comfortable.


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