Wedding Photography Styles

As you will imagine, dear future newlyweds, you can choose between different wedding photography styles to take photos of your wedding.

In this article, we will try to introduce you to the 4 moods most requested by future spouses so that you can better orient yourself in choosing the one that best suits your couple and your wedding.

Wedding Photography Styles

1. Traditional style

Characterized by rather classic photographs in which the spouses are portrayed posing. This style also includes images taken during the ceremony. The photographer, controlling and coordinating the various phases, will capture clean planes, managing to obtain linear and perfect photographs.

2. Artistic style

Usually, this type of photographs are designed and decided previously with the aim of giving the image an alternative meaning.

The originality and creativity in this type of wedding photo will depend on the plan, the perspective, the light and the focus. The event is captured and represented through the eyes of the photographer. The poses are minimal and the professional captures the images quickly, obtaining very spontaneous shots. The post-production phase is fundamental, in which the retouching of images can make the difference.

Wedding Photography Styles

3. Fashion style

For this kind of photo we take inspiration from fashion photographs. We find, therefore, a certain dramatization and theatricalization both as regards the poses, and as regards the scenography. The collaboration between photographer, spouses and guests is fundamental. Lighting, focus and angle are the real protagonists of all the shots both during the ceremony and in the subsequent festivities.

4. Photo-journalism

That is, a spontaneous and real story of events, characterized by stolen shots and extremely spontaneous poses. The photographer goes in search of true and natural moments.

Which of these wedding photography styles is right for you?

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