Today we can see wedding dress made from a variety of coloured fabrics, but the white wedding dress still remains the clear favourite for any bride and they stand out beautifully in images taken by a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer. But, did you know that the popularity of the white wedding dress came about after the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert in 1840?

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Before this time white was an incredible expensive material colour to get hold of and so white wedding dresses were seen as a symbol of the wealth. For those lower classes it was simply unaffordable and unrealistic for them to we a white dress. They would instead wear one of their best dresses, which would be worn again at other family events such as a child’s christening. It was after Queen Victoria’s wedding that people started to look at the possibility of wearing white themselves. To stay frugal brides would often make their own gowns and then these would be recycled into christening gowns for their children.

Victoria chose the colour white for her wedding dress, no to reflect her purity but in order to show off the lace work that had been designed in her dress. Victoria was a fan of lace dn wanted to ensure that this took centre stage in her dress and airing this with white material was the best way to achieve this. I order to make sure that her dress was truly unique she had the pattern destroyed once her dress had been made and she also made sure that none of the other guest wore white to her ceremony.

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To accompany her dress Queen Victoria accessorised her look with a pair of white satin shoes, a wreath made from myrtle and orange blossom, Turkish diamond earrings and a sapphire brooch that had been gifted to her for her wedding day by Prince Albert. Her dress train also had orange blossoms embroidered into the lace.

The bridesmaid’s also wore white dresses that were accented with eagle shaped brooches in turquoises that Queen Victoria gifted to each of the train bearers on the day. She chose her 12 bridesmaids based on the rank and each one took their place alongside the Queen at her wedding at the Chapel Royal in St James Church. It was a ceremony that was witnessed by many people who wanted to gain a glimpse of the Queen arriving in her golden carriage.

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