photos of your wedding day

Having some amazing photos of your wedding day is what all the bride and groom want. That’s why I would like to offer you 10 tips so that, once the day has passed, you can relive the best moments and get excited again with the photos of your wedding day. And is that, just as you think about the details that will be given or the songs that will sound, you can also think about how to make the photos of your day as beautiful as possible.

1. Reserve a little time for photos of newlyweds

Possibly the photos of newlyweds will be the most beautiful of your wedding. But to get the best out there it’s important to leave some time to take those photos. At the end of the day, your wedding day will have many hours and a lot of things will happen, it’s okay to reserve an hour to take photos. And is that if you do not make those photos surely you will not only miss them. Also your parents, sisters, brothers, aunts … Even your future children if you ever have them. The day of your wedding is super important for your visual legacy and with just booking a little time everything will flow much better.

So you know, leave time between the ceremony and the cocktail / lunch. At least 1 hour or even better if it’s 2 hours. And do not worry about your guests, they will enjoy the fantastic cocktail that you have prepared for them!

Sometimes there is not really material time, but often it is a matter of planning. I have found many weddings in which the couple could marry at 1 pm, when they could get married without problems at 12 o’clock. With what was earned an hour (or weddings that were made at 7:30 p.m. when they could start at 5:30 p.m.). In short, if you can, marry as soon as possible (at 12, better than at 12:30, at 18 better than at 7 pm, etc). And reserve at least one hour for the wedding report.

Also, that time is not just for photos. It’s time for you two!!! It is the first time you can enjoy your time as husband and wife. Take advantage of it! After that you are going to spend 8 hours surrounded by people. Enjoy a bit the two alone. You deserve it.

photos of your wedding day

2. Group photos: the earlier, the better

I always recommend that group photos be made as soon as possible. For example, during the cocktail. That way you make sure that everyone leaves (if you leave them for the end there is always a grandmother or someone who leaves before). And most importantly, people will be as beautiful as possible. Because as the wedding progresses the necks of men’s shirts are unbuttoned, the ties are loosened … you understand me. So, the ideal is to make them during the cocktail. The people waiting to be photographed will be relaxed while having a drink. And you make sure everyone is as handsome as when they leave the house. It seems silly but … small details like these are the ones that make the difference!

3. Think of beautiful backgrounds

During the day of the wedding you will surely take photos in all the main places: your house, the place of the ceremony, the space of the cocktail, the banquet, the party … Well, the photos you have of all those places will be much best by simply thinking or dedicating a special place for group photos. Of course it is not about making a photocall for each space! Simply try to think, for each place, a space of about 3-4 meters wide with a “background” as clear as possible (a smooth wall, an area with flowers, a brick wall face view … Depend on each site but just remember that for the photos, less is more.

Oh, and if at the party you put a photocall, make sure you print it on a matte fabric, to avoid reflections.

4. The better the light, the better photos will come out

Another super important issue to consider is the lighting of the spaces. Because if a site is very dark it will be very difficult to take pictures! So, at home, try to have all the “action” happen near windows, so that natural light enters.

And if the cocktail or the celebration is celebrated on an exterior at night, ask that the lighting be with white light. Above all, do not put yellow or orange light (or even another color) as the main light, because the photos will come out of that color. The skin tones will look like this and it will be a little weird. Of course, there may be complementary lighting of colors. And in fact it is absolutely great. But the main light that illuminates the space should be white.

photos of your wedding day

5. Create magic

Do you know those beautiful photos with out of focus lights? Getting photos of that style is very easy: just make sure that in the place of the banquet and the cocktail is decorated not only with flowers but also with lights. They are also quite cheap and you can find them in a lot of places. You can create a background on a wall or even make a ceiling of little lights. It will look great in the photos!

6. “The photo of the rice”

The photo in which you leave the ceremony and people throw rice or petals is usually one of the best. But if you want it to be really spectacular, make sure there is rice / petals / confetti for everyone. It seems silly, but do not think that the guests will remember to bring the rice to throw it at you … It is better if you take care of it. And that there is in quantity! By the way, if they are flower petals and much better confetti (they do not hurt, they are more colorful, they do not stain dresses or costumes (rice itself) and they are easier to remove from their hair … there are brides who, 5 hours later, continue to wear half a kilo of rice in the hair !!). Oh, and if possible, buy confetti cannons!! They release much more confetti in less time and more condensed, making a really precious effect. And if you want one last tip and you dare … try not to duck your head or close your eyes when the time comes … Live the moment to the fullest!

7. Look at your body posture

Do you know why the models look so good in the photos? Because they take great care of their body posture. That is the most important! It is not so much about the physique that a person has, but the aspect and attitude that shows when they take a picture. And to look good it is important that the body posture is appropriate. It’s so simple to get! It is enough that you stretch, put your shoulders a little back and breathe deeply. You will see that by doing so your chest rises, your shoulders retract a bit and your body posture improves. Test it! Maintaining an upright posture is all you need to get it right in the photos. And remember, you’re very pretty. Let the whole world know!

photos of your wedding day

8. Find a space for the photos in the dance area

As you have seen in many weddings, during the dance there is almost always a photocall area. You can order something special or just reserve a smooth wall and put props for people to dress up. Or you can put posters with funny messages. Oh, and ask the restaurant to make sure to light up that little area with white lights. You will see how cool photos are and very funny!

9. Do like celebrities: the best mobile in your pocket!

You’ve heard that many celebrity parties ask their guests to try not to take pictures with their mobile, right? Well, this is usually because they have sold the exclusive … But also because that’s how people focus on enjoying! If you want it is even becoming fashionable to put a little sign that reminds guests that you have already hired a professional photographer who will do all the wedding photos and who will be happy to take photos also to the guests.

So there will be the typical photographs in which two look for a site, another three look for another site and in the end everything is a little chaos because people do not know who to look at. And you will avoid all those photos in which instead of seeing the faces of your guests you see their phones …

10. Enjoy!

Finally, my advice to go well in the photos is to remember that the camera shows what happens. I mean, if you’re stressed, it’s going to be reflected in the photos somehow. Because it is important to remember one thing: Relax! It’s your wedding, everything is perfectly planned and it’s going to be great.

Smile. Think positive. Breathe Live the moment. It’s your wedding day. And it’s going to be great.

Hi, I am Sagar Chowdhury; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety; here is my blogs how to recover from anxiety and how to fight with anxiety. I hope everyone will like my blogs.

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