Cymbeline wedding dresses

When love meets fashion there is only one place that can welcome them: Paris. The capital becomes the common thread of Cymbeline wedding dresses 2019 collection, a perfect combination of high French tailoring and timeless elegance.

A brand with more than 40 years of history and a strong Parisian savoir-faire: all this is Cymbeline that from Barcelona to Sao Paulo, passing through Paris and Vienna has conquered the brides of the planet infusing the canons of French fashion with a touch of fantasy and avant-garde. As an emblem of Cymbeline wedding dresses 2019 collection aims to spread the spirit of Paris through its clothes from the 2019 collection with a unique theme.

A walk through Paris

“Paris Forever” is the motto that Cymbeline wedding dresses collection 2019. The Parisian bride strolls along the Seine and the French capital becomes her inspiring muse leading her on a journey through the most emblematic places: from the hidden corners of Saint-Germain-des -Prés, to the historic Moulin Rouge arriving up to Montmatre with its charming street artists.

Cymbeline wedding dresses

And again, a walk to Fontainebleau, to then meet again at Fauborg Saint-Honoré and finally, on Avenue Montaigne: every little glimpse of the French capital has been a source of inspiration for the Haute Couture 2019 collection.

The style beyond measure: Innovative models and precious fabrics

A collection that turns the eye to a classic and refined style without giving up a modern and strongly romantic attitude: all framed by the magnificent Parisian bon ton. The French brand wanted to pay tribute to the bride of 2019 with a triumph of unique fabrics, crafted in the most careful Parisian tailors.

Cymbeline wedding dresses

Lace wedding dresses made of fine fibers; put in mikado, organza, crepe: the whole line boasts of a high quality and unique style bill. Staged v-shaped bodices on flowing skirts enter the scene; feathers and sophisticated applications on mermaid wedding dresses with corsé and skirts that shape the silhouette and then abandon themselves to graceful aftermath.

Cymbeline wedding dresses

Geometric shapes with a textured effect set against a riot of flowing fabrics with motifs that evoke the world of nature and the sweet textures of a bouquet of flowers. The backs are left uncovered to the gentle gaze of others with vertiginous and sensual necklines. There are also fascinating accessories, such as hoods, feather boas, veils and chic hair clips.

A wide palette of romantic shades

The palette sweeps over the bold tones of ivory white, and also on strong shades. Veiled transparencies feature Empire-style wedding dresses with gold and silver detailing, leaving room for the intense shades of red, gray and black and the more delicate pastels.

Cymbeline wedding dresses

Cymbeline : a symphony of French elegance, a hymn to love that becomes the reference point for all those brides wishing to wear a high-end garment in the most beautiful day of all distinguishing themselves for their fresh and sparkling attitude, like the air that pervades the streets of Paris.

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