Professional Wedding Photographer

Career as a professional wedding photographer?

Wedding photography is very demanding but also extremely rewarding for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a professional wedding photographer.

If you start from scratch as a professional wedding photographer there are a few things you need to watch out for. Here we briefly list a list of the 10 most important things.

Professional Wedding Photographer

1. Equipment

Double photography has a very important component in accessories. Unfortunately, if you do not have the right tools, you cannot think of producing good photos for your customers. If you are starting out you need at least two camera bodies and three lenses. Plus you’ll need at least one flash to check manually.

2. Basic rules of photography

Any photo you take requires knowledge of the basic rules of photography. In any case it is useful to go beyond what you read in textbooks and try to find and find new and more relevant information: it is also important to break the rules and experiment to make unique photos.

3. Laying down

Laying is a very important aspect in the whole scheme of things. As a professional wedding photographer you will need to direct the bride, groom, bridesmaids and witnesses so that they do not appear in strange poses. It’s clear that not all the poses work with anyone: if possible, take inspiration from the advertising photographers on how to set the models, as well as the different types of pose that can be good for a wedding. Another good resource is to look at the wedding papers where the work of other professional photographers is published.

4. Interpersonal skills

When you work with your couples you must remember that they are not professional models (not all at least). They do not distinguish a good pose from a bad one. It is your responsibility to tell him how to position himself. It is at this stage that you will need to use your interpersonal skills. The first step is to break the ice: talking to the couple, making them feel at ease is essential.

5. Shoot alone vs. Shoot with other photographers

This depends entirely on your style of wedding photography, for example if you prefer to photograph in a traditional or spontaneous way or reportage, etc. If you are a photographer who prefers spontaneous photos almost all your shots will be improvised, photographed seizing the moment. But these are not the only photos to be included in a wedding album: they also serve traditional shots. This means that you will need to have both and it will not be easy to do everything by yourself: you will have to solve the problem by taking a second photographer.

6. Define your photographic style

Many photographers willingly snap with a specific lens or from a particular angle or develop the photos in a distinctive way. This has to do with their style. If you look at some contemporary photographers, you will notice that everyone has their own style. As a novice photographer, it is okay to copy the style of others, but only until you have found yours.

7. Set the lights

Natural light works when you shoot during the day. But artificial light can really help you achieve intense results. As if you want to separate your pairs from the background (instead of using a 2.8 or greater focal length), artificial light is the best way. Or for example when you want to capture the beautiful sunsets in your photos natural light fails miserably, artificial light is the only way.

8. Post production

The final touch of your style and your vision are achieved when you take the pictures taken and go through the post-production process. As far as possible try to reduce the effort of post-production to a minimum: if you have the right composition and the lights and the laying are correct, the whole process will be reduced by many hours. Think of the hours earned as extra time to take multiple photographs or do other daily activities.

9. Sold

If you do a good job a lot more will come through word of mouth. The focus should always be to do an excellent job. Do not just think about the final assignment, feel involved in the entire photography process: you can easily understand if a photographer is really loving shooting or if he is doing a mechanical activity. The results are usually predictable in these situations.

That said, you can also create your own website and print albums to show your work to potential customers.

10. Give yourself a price

How do we attribute a price? How do you evaluate if one is valid? What is a fair price for photographing a wedding that lasts only one day? The reality is that you have to consider not only the price for your investment in equipment, but also the market, the competition and how much you think your time is worth. Do not try to make you pay too little because this could have a determining effect on your business prospects.

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