wedding photographer

Brides are increasingly numerous who ask the wedding photographer to be present during their preparation, at the time of makeup, hair and dressing. But what are the inevitable shots of these magical moments?

Here are those that we think you absolutely must ask the wedding photographer …

wedding photographer


Usually the first to arrive only the makeup artist, whose work deserves to enter the wedding album. Ask the wedding photographer to take pictures while they make up, especially when taking care of your eyes full of emotion and often a little bit moved. The same applies, of course, to the hairdresser too, if he comes home to fix your hair.

The pages

At a certain point, the pages that accompany the bride arrive. Usually they are children to whom the bride feels very tied and for this reason they cannot miss the photos of a hug or a kiss with the bride or the moment of their dressing.

The in-laws

Usually, even if this does not apply in every area of Italy, in-laws also arrive. It is an emotional moment, which deserves some shots.

Shots stolen from your moments of privacy

Makeup artists, hairdressers, relatives and so on and so forth … will you never be alone at the time of preparation? In reality it is not like that. In reality there will be some dead moments in which you will remain alone in the room where you are preparing, relaxing moments, in which we advise you to reread the wedding promises if you have decided to write them, to send a message to the best friend if it is not yet arrived, to drink a cup of coffee. Ask the wedding photographer to stay in the room with you, discreetly. No photos posing, but some shots stolen from your privacy that will be really exciting to review.

wedding photographer

The best friends

When makeup and wigs will be finished, the best friends will arrive, maybe even your bridesmaids. So yes that the tears will want to get out of your eyes, even if you cannot cry because the makeup is still fresh. Exciting moments must be immortalized!

The moment of dressing

The wedding photographer must immortal every moment of the dressing, even the closure of the smallest button, without forgetting to take some pictures also to accessories, such as shoes and veil.

Photos with parents

Even in this case the photos do not have to be posing, but shots stolen from mom and dad as they watch for the first time their daughter with the wedding dress.

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