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Have you decided to add a pretty bridal veil to your wedding dress to enhance your look? In this article, you will find different ways to fix this accessory to be sure of yourself and your look throughout your wedding ceremony.

A wedding dress is good, with accessories it’s even better! Because your wedding outfit does not stop at the dress, you have certainly already spotted a number of complementary items to start with a pretty bridal bouquet. There is also a good bet that you want to offer a look out of the ordinary and including a beautiful wedding hairstyle.

Many women are also seduced by wearing a white bridal veil on their big day. In their lace wedding dress, they combine this piece of romantic fabric that elegantly complements their look.

But now, many are wondering how to wear this famous bridal veil, how to fix it to prevent him from slipping during the ceremony. If this is your case, you will find below some solutions.

Here we present 6 solutions to hold your bridal veil

1. A high bun

bridal veil

A bun can serve as a point of attachment for your sail. If you have made the choice of a high bun, know that you can quite fix your beautiful accessory. Your sail is not too heavy, hang it on the bun using invisible pliers. If you are worried that the bridal veil will put too much weight on your hairstyle. Fix it just below your combed bun with a comb.

2. A low bun

The low wedding bun is a very good ally for setting up the bridal veil. It will serve you as a base to come and fix your accessory. We usually place the veil above the bun held by pins or a jewel of hair if you want to bring an extra touch of romance to your hairstyle.

3. A crown or a headband

bridal veil

Wedding hair accessories are especially useful to help you set up your veil. This is particularly the case of a wreath or a headband that you can place over your veil in the manner of an elastic that will ensure the maintenance of your beautiful fabric. You can also use this type of accessory to fix its veil to the back of the head if one seeks a less covering effect.

4. A jewel of hair

Here is another accessory to associate with your sail to allow you to fix it in beauty. The hair jewelry is usually themselves fixed on a headband or a comb to hang them as desired and sublimate a simple hairstyle wedding.

Take advantage of these ties already present on your jewel to hang your bridal veil. The advantage of the hair jewel is that it allows you to position your veil wherever you want, more or less high or even slightly aside for your unique look.

5. Pins

bridal veil

If you plan to wear your hair loose or want to set your veil to the top of your head so that it falls back on both sides of your face, simply use small pins.

There are very strong and almost invisible models in the store that you just have to come to the top of your hairstyle for a bridal veil .That will hold perfectly in place throughout the ceremony without anyone guessing the subterfuge!

6. A Knot

You have chosen a vintage wedding dress with bohemian accents? Do you want a chic hippie look? So enjoy it and instead of hanging your veil through an accessory, simply tie it around your skull. With a piece of sail, tie a knot on the side or back of your head and let the rest of the veil hang naturally in your hair.

Wedding make-up is also one of those elements that you would like to be able to fix to avoid worrying about your appearance all day long. If you are lucky enough to be dealing with a wedding make-up professional. Do not worry, your provider will freeze your beauty for a flawless look from morning to night!

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