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Between the dress, shoes, church, place, flowers and all the suppliers that have to be hired for the wedding, one of the most important is the wedding photographer, because once the nerves and excitement of the big day pass, and after enjoying the honeymoon, all we have left are the memories, and what better to treasure them with that professional that meets all the expectations you have in mind and that best suits your needs.

Among tastes there are no disputes, a photographer may be the best in the world for some and simply not for others, so choose the one that best suits your style, the one that convinces you by your career and the most accessible in every way but above all with that you can feel that there is a special “feeling” to immortalize your wedding. It is important, that you feel comfortable in front of your lens, in this way you will perfectly capture the essence of the couple to perfection.

So before choosing the wedding photographer for your big day, clear these 11 basic questions, which will guide you and help you choose the one that best suits your needs as a couple.

Here we present 11 basic questions you should ask before hiring your wedding photographer

1. How many cameras will you use at the wedding?

wedding photographer

It totally changes the photographic result that there is one, two or three cameras , because there are very important moments to be captured simultaneously, such as: the face of the groom when he sees the bride walking towards the altar, the entrance of the bride to the church, the face of the relatives in the emotional moments, the tears of emotion of the bride in her first dance, the children doing pranks, etc. Keep in mind that there are many moments that could be missed if there is no secondary camera.

2. Since when is he engaged in wedding photography?

It is very different to have experience in editorial, cinematographic or wedding photo shoot. The experience is becoming as the years go by and he performs nuptial works. It would be a plus that has experience in other fields of photography since it will give you another global vision of an event such as a wedding.

3. Will the entire wedding be present from the preparation of the bride?

There is a wedding photographer who starts their work from the preparation of the bride, to cover everything from makeup and hair, to the first dance of the couple and then leave their work team for the rest of the wedding. This would be totally valid if it was spoken before and the couple accepted this proposal. Make sure this is as clear as possible.

4. Extra hours

wedding photographer

Knowing in advance the cost of additional hours to the contracted ones is essential, in this way, they will know the over cost of this item without taking any surprise.

5. How many printed and digital photos are delivered?

Establishing the number of copies to which they will be entitled is essential for the final work to be liked by all. You should be clear if there is a limit of photos that will give you. The additional cost if you wish and especially how many of them you edit. As well as if you can have them in digital format at low resolution to place them on social networks.

6. Does it include extra sessions?

Maybe you want to have recorded moments like “Save the Date”, the one requested to your parents, a civil ceremony, a pre-wedding session or a Trash the Dress, etc and it’s good to know if they offer a pack that fits your pocket.

7. Do you have any plan B?

Contemplate remotely that the photographer gets sick or due to force majeure, cannot attend your wedding (may happen). In this case, who would replace it?

8. Can the service be canceled?

wedding photographer

It is super important, not only with the photography provider but with all those who will intervene in your wedding. That you know the cancellation policies and a possible refund of the money.

9. Do you have to pay for all of the work before the wedding?

Normally, it is not customary to pay the total service before the wedding. Usually, a percentage of the total value is agreed upon and the rest when the printed or digital material is delivered.

10. Do you have any privacy policy?

Most wedding photographer state that all photographs are their property and, therefore, the rights thereof, which may be used in any printed or digital media as they see fit. It is essential that they agree on this point and if they think otherwise, let them know. And sign a confidentiality contract.

11. How long will we have the wedding photographs?

wedding photographer

Once the big day has passed, it is important to establish an estimated date of delivery of the work. And the period in which the selection of the photographs will be made in case they decided to make a printed album. Do not get your anniversary and still do not have the photos!

The choice of the wedding photographer is not an easy task, do not take your decision lightly, let alone based exclusively on the price. Hire talent, experience, professionalism, ethics, punctuality, education, style, reputation and, above all, quality. Remember that the final work will be proportional to what they pay. And they will be the memories for the whole life of your great day. They will not be able to turn back. Make sure you hire the best!

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