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In order to highlight the wedding dress for which you had the crush, you will have to choose different accessories. In the same way that you prepare a harmonious wedding decoration, be consistent in the selection of your jewelry and other ornaments that will complete your look of the big day. It may seem complicated and yet nothing more simple. You will know how to make the right decisions to beautify your hands, neck, wrist or wedding hairstyle once you have discovered the 4 golden rules to accessories for a bridal look!

Your bridal look consists mainly of a pretty dress around which gravitate different accessories

Discover how to beautify your wedding outfit with these 4 golden rules!

1. In case of hesitation, stay sober!

bridal look

Moderation is the watchword for your dress to remain the main element of your bridal look. Be careful not to overload the whole thing; select two or three of the following accessories: a veil, a hat or other wedding hair accessories (such as a headband, a tiara or flowers), a necklace, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, gloves for a winter look or a belt to embellish a simple wedding dress .

You can also opt for an assorted jewelry set to make sure you do it without fail. Your choice will be conditioned by the shape of your dress: for a dress with a crew neck or a veiled lace neckline, prefer the earrings to the necklace, the latter being more advisable to embellish a strapless wedding dress.

2. Opt for comfortable shoes

bridal look

Your pair of shoes is also a key element of your D-Day outfit not to be overlooked. It would be a shame to sacrifice your comfort for the benefit of aesthetics because you wear them for long hours. So choose the height and width of the heel according to your habits . And the opening of the original wedding ball you have prepared (you can also change the hunt for the occasion).

Make sure your foot is well supported and take care of quality, synthetic materials being discouraged.

Also, make your fittings in store preferably at the end of the day, when your foot is more inflated. Once your shoes are purchased, take them to your home a few weeks before D-Day and spot areas of friction or discomfort to place a sole or bandage to protect your foot.

3. Choose the color of your jewelry according to your outfit

If you do not know how to choose the metals of your jewelry in relation to the color of your dress, know that pure white combines well with silver jewelry or platinum, or pearls.

Ivory, on the other hand, blends better with gold, which highlights its creamy color, while off-white marries yellow gold, rose gold, silver, and pearls perfectly.

If you bet on an original wedding dress already accessorized, direct the choice of your jewelry and accessories according to the ornaments on your outfit. For a wedding dress inlaid with rhinestones or Swarovski diamonds. For example, choose a tiara, a necklace or a pair of silver earrings.

4. Choose carefully the material and the length of your sail

bridal look

Your veil must also be perfectly matched to the color of your dress and chosen according to its style: a veil embroidered mantilla veil of a lace wedding dress for a romantic or bohemian wedding, a discreet veil for a voluminous princess dress etc.

Small brides will opt for long sails, while larger ones will favor mid-length sails. The veil, they are suitable for all sizes and styles. They will bring a retro touch to your outfit, ideal for lovers of vintage wedding dresses.

Did you choose your accessories based on these criteria? You still have time to refine your bridal look while letting you get advice from industry professionals. To adorn your wedding bun, find the right pair of shoes and the proper jewelry, they will be of good advice. They can even give you ideas you have not thought of yet. And you can discover new trends in dressing, hairstyle or wedding makeup!

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