Bridal shoes

More than a simple accessory, the bridal shoes will be the final touch of your costume for the day of yes I want. In general, just after choosing the dress, the choice of shoes arises but the options are endless today and this excess of variety can quickly break our heads!

Choose your comfortable bridal shoes well and enjoy your great day

It is essential that we choose comfortable bridal shoes to enjoy the day and our party to the fullest. We also advise you to buy them with enough time to be able to mold them using them at home, for example, and thus confirm that they do not hurt you and that you walk perfectly with them. Always remember that it is a great day and that nothing has to prevent you from enjoying 100% of your great wedding.

Everyone would like to have some original and cheap and comfortable shoes and we will help you find them! We leave you some tips to choose them without making mistakes.

Types of wedding shoes, discover them!

We have to take into account both the color and the decoration of the shoe, as well as the height and design of it. Here we present a classification by type of shoe.

Classic heels for a wedding

Bridal shoes for weddings

You can cover your shoes with the same fabric of your dress by taking them to your designer or to a shoemaker. Another solution is to dye them with the color of your dress. In addition, some shoe stores have a wide section of shoes specially designed for brides. In large stores, you will find current trend models and of course in light colors, white or raw, the most classic option and with which you will guess right or wrong.

Colored heels for a wedding

A few years ago it was a real madness to choose a color shoe for your wedding day, but every day it is more topical to choose a hunted that gives our look a touch of color like the bouquet or our nails. You can go to your favorite store and opt for a shoe with prints or plain color but after your big day, you continue to use and amortize the money invested.

Heeled sandals for weddings

Bridal shoes

If we get married in spring or summer the sandals will be a very good option to wear them on the day of our wedding. This shoe can give a lot of play if we get married in a short dress and we will wear them in an extraordinary way. Color, white, with rhinestones, knotted at the ankle, booty type, with lace, we have many models of sandals to choose the one that best fits with our wedding styling.

Wedge sandals for weddings


In 90% of weddings, we see esparto wedge shoes in the open bar. They are usually more comfortable bridal shoes than the classic heels and both the guests and the bride can take them to make a change as soon as the foot pain begins. For this reason, there are countless shoe brands that have wedge sandals among their collections for brides, in light colors, mostly white and crude.

Wedge heel ankle boots

Bridal shoes

The booties are usually used by brides who get married in the cold season, such as winter and autumn. Due to the weather and the possibility of rain, many of the brides choose to choose them and give a very chic touch to their look. There is not as much variety as with the rest of the bridal shoes for the big day and also the majority of firms only manufacture them in white and raw.

Ballerinas or flat sandals for weddings

It is the most comfortable option if you are going to perform your wedding on the beach or in a garden and want to wear shoes. This time we will find a lot of variety in both plain colors and prints as it is a type of hunting that is running throughout the year and we will find it in any shoe store or large area, which makes them a cheap shoe within reach of any pocket.

Crochet or crochet sandals

Bridal shoes for weddings

Ideal if you decide to give you yes I want on the beach. It is a fine and elegant way to decorate your feet. You can buy them online or ask an artisan to make them to your liking. You can also add some rhinestones or simply crochet them with a drawing.


Of all the options we have given you is undoubtedly the most daring. And we know that not all brides would be willing to wear them on their wedding day. But we assure you that at dawn, almost all of us would change their bridal shoes for slippers comfortable sports and of course original and personalized.

Other tips for your wedding shoes

Bridal shoes for weddings

In addition to everything written so far, we can complement each of the shoes with these other details that we describe below:

  1. Dare to decorate your bridal shoes!

You can customize them to your liking by painting them or adding a bow, some metallic application or some flowers. Here are some examples that you will like for sure.

  1. The name on the sole

Write on the sole of your shoes the name of the single women of your wedding so they can get married soon. They say that the names that are deleted will be the future brides.

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