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When a wedding couple embarks on the organization of their wedding, there are dozens of elements that must be taken into account in each of the sectors to hire the best photographer. Normally, it is the first time you get married and you have never faced the organization of an event of this magnitude.

One of the most important clubs is the photographer. He will be in charge of keeping forever the memories of your link. You can entrust this task to a friend, or to the guy who has a good camera, but you can also hire a professional. It is in your hands, invest in your memories or not.

“Reasons, keys, and tips to hire the best photographer for your wedding day.”

In a wedding, you can invest the money in many things. There is no cap, you can spend the money on what you want: select food, high service, premium drinks, a live group, the most exclusive outfit or a supercar for the transfer … whatever you want !. There are hundreds, thousands of different services available for a wedding, you choose, you decide to prioritize some over others, which ones you want to take, which ones you do not and in which you will invest more or less.

Memories are an important part of one of the happiest days of your life. Your children or grandchildren will want to know what happened that day, how you spent it, the laughter and tears of the day when you reunited all your loved ones.

“Face these valuable ‘tips’, the difficult choice of the person in charge of saving the memories of your link.”

best photographer

Do you have it clear? then, go ahead !. You only have to enter the wonderful world of hiring the best photographer. It is an artistic work and as an art that is, there are many factors that differentiate some professionals from others. With a list of key points, we help you choose the best photographer for your big wedding, here we go!

1. Choose a style

It can be one of the most important points to looks for your pre-wedding photo shoot or wedding photo shoot. There are two types of well-differentiated wedding photographers. The classic photographer, with posed photographs, usually intervenes a lot at the wedding, stopping the scenes to indicate where you should look or place the dress properly. On the other hand is the journalistic or documentary photographer, with more natural photographs, will try to go unnoticed during the wedding to have a vision like any other guest, taking stolen and spontaneous images. Not all are white or black, it is common to see intermediate photographers who choose a little of each version for their final work.

2. Original files or additional copies

best photographer

It is important to know when hiring the best photographer if the original files are delivered or not. There are hundreds of photographs that can result from a full wedding day, you are interested to know if it will give you all, the album or none. There are professionals who only give you the album, if you want copies you must pay an additional cost for each of them. If so, it is convenient to agree on these prices in advance, so that they do not give rise to surprises. There are professionals who give you the possibility to give you only the files so that you can manufacture your album yourself or show them on an Ipad. Technology has changed by leaps and bounds and what was previously impossible is now a reality.

3. Work alone or have a team.

Photography is an artistic work and therefore, each with the same camera is capable of doing a different job. If you hire the best photographer, inform them that it will be him who will be present throughout the day of your wedding. Keep in mind that you hire your eye, your vision to document the day of your link and that can not be replaced by anyone. Still, if you send them to another person, do your best to meet them and see their work.

4. Number of weddings per day

best photographer


To be creative, time is necessary. Photography has a lot of creativity and therefore, making many weddings in a very short space of time can saturate the photographer and see his work diminished. The photographer who only makes one wedding a week will go to your wedding with a clean mind, rested and ready to give it all in the more than ten hours that will accompany you.

5. Requires a contract

It is important for both parties to leave everything agreed. For your part, you will be sure to have the security of having a substitute photographer. If your photographer suffers a mishap days before your wedding. Likewise, the contract must contain the delivery formats, the coverages to be made and your transfer of image rights, to allow the professional to publish photographs of your wedding on your website or blog.

6. Four eyes see more than two

best photographer for your wedding

It is highly recommended that two photographers go to your wedding. There are many occasions in which, at a wedding, two actions are given at the same time at the same time. If two people go, they can be divided and you will have twice as many photographs. And, therefore, take pictures of those two actions that have happened at the same moment and, consequently, a much more complete work.

7. Meet him in person (or via webcam)

It is important to know your photographer and to know you. A beer or a coffee will serve to know your concerns, what you expect from your story and your personality. It will be many hours together and it will be necessary to have a little “feeling”. So that everything comes out more fluid. Now it’s all easier and if you hire a photographer who resides far from your city. You can have a video conference with him via Skype or Facebook.

8. Do not leave it until the end

best photographer

Approximately one year in advance is the average for hiring a wedding photographer. Do not leave it until the end, the good ones close the dates well in advance and doing it with enough time will ensure you have the photographer you wish for your wedding. The most demanded months are June and September. So if your date is in those months, put the recruitment even more.

9. Demand to see a complete wedding, not all are prizes

Do not be guided by a great photograph or a certain prize, the work of a photographer on your wedding day should go further. There are professionals who base their entire sale on photographs taken in the days after the wedding. Made with a lot of time or control of light, the reality of a wedding is very different. Request to see a complete wedding, a minimum of twenty photographs will suffice to have a perspective of the work you do at a wedding. Regarding the awards, there are very well deserved and others of dubious origin, do not trust them much.

10. The cheap can be expensive

best photographer for your wedding

In the cost of hiring the best photographer is not only the hours of a wedding. But it also includes the responsibility for work, spare equipment, backup copies, editing of the images, training and a long etcetera that make the costs acquire considerable value. If the price of a photographer is too low. It may be due to their inexperience or lack of work and their need to hire cheap weddings. The haggling is another sign more of a photographer in need of contracts, distrust them.