summer wedding

A summer wedding is a ceremony most chosen by couples in all cardinal points. Surely, for the goodness of the weather, it is considered a festive time which everyone enjoys.

10 idea for a summer wedding to be unique and incomparable

1. Diversity of places to celebrate

A summer wedding opens a range of multiple alternatives in relation to the places to celebrate. You can choose traditional rooms with a large park and swimming pool, fields or beaches.

Take advantage of the goodness of the temperature to prepare an outdoor party is highly valued by all. In the same way, you should always have the possibility of an indoor area. Especially for the comfort of the elderly or for some unforeseen event, such as rain.

2. The wedding dress

summer wedding

The dress of the girl is always one of the most appreciated protagonists in all the celebrations. For a summer wedding, you can choose the lighter and fresher genres. The straps and even removable skirts to turn them into the middle of the dance are a great choice.

The wide necklines in front or back are very practical, which also give new lines to the figure of the woman. The variants are many and depend on the tastes and personality of the couple. The embroidery of small flowers or pearls in the same tone is also delicate and elegant.

3. Makeup at a summer wedding

Heat and constant activity are two factors that can wreak havoc on weak makeup. It is necessary to be very attentive to the type of products used for this occasion. None want to lose the splendor in the middle of the ceremony or have a mask staining his face.

The quality of the base and other elements for makeup are essential. Always opt for those suitable for water, since sweat and tears will inevitably be present.

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4. Targets for summer

The white color provides a feeling of purity, cleanliness, and freshness that are well received in this season. That is, in addition to the dress, it is important to cover most sectors white. Any space seems more spacious and neat with this style.

However, it is not a determinant and it is good to consider the contrasts of white with other tones. Whether with flowers, napkins or some decorative element, the violet tone gives movement.

5. Decoration of a summer wedding

ideas for a summer wedding

It is most likely that guests circulate in all corners of the party, so none should be left without decorating. Flowers and candles are the keys to a simple but attractive place.

Outside, the decorations cannot be missing from the trees and benches scattered everywhere. Having carts with drinks and ice in these sectors is already considered sublime. It generates a romantic atmosphere that invites you to stay there longer than expected.

6. The wedding cake

The cake has to be a symbol of love and freshness. Perhaps with little creamy volume, but natural fruits and flowers around it worthy of the time. An attraction that calls to delight their flavors without thinking about the heat.

With the same line, the sweet table is prepared, with seasonal fruit cakes and a wide range of colors. You can add jellies and other cold desserts and ice cream of our choice. The ice ones are recommended.

7. The car of the couple

ideas for a summer wedding

Convertibles are the most suitable vehicles for a summer wedding. The couple can retire from the party with their hair in the wind looking at the moon. A movie scene that can be experienced in real life without too much effort.

Some boyfriends, more creative, choose to go on a motorcycle, but of course, this depends on the personalities of each one. It goes without saying that transport also has to have its own decoration.

8. Summer gifts

Delivering a gift to guests is a tradition that is often difficult to carry out successfully. Most fear falling into memories that do not serve and end up in the trash.

In a summer wedding, you can customize an object that is useful from that moment: hats for the sun, fans to get more air or espadrilles to rest your feet.

9. The flowers

summer wedding

You have to take special care with the flowers so they last all day. It is advisable to opt for those that have greater durability and preserve them in water.

Do not forget that they will be there before the party begins and they must remain intact until the end.

10. Environmental music

Music has to be present inside and outside, and live bands are ideal for a summer wedding. The guests surely dare to dance in different spaces.

The choice of songs must be planned with the person in charge of the sound. This way we will avoid listening to a style that is not to our liking.

If you get married in the summer …

It is likely that they have a more expensive wedding than others, but it can surely become the celebration you always dreamed of. Temperatures and nature are a great complement to make the party happy and fun.

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