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You have already chosen the dress and shoes, you have an idea of what the hairstyle will be like … You can not leave makeup aside for the day to choose makeup for wedding! Undoubtedly it is the most important to see you beautiful in this special moment.

The makeup allows you to take advantage of the features, highlight what you like most (for example the eyes or mouth) and complete the outfit. Sometimes we have no idea how to makeup for wedding day, so in this article, we give you some tips.

Tips for choosing makeup for wedding day

The time has come when you have surely dreamed of for a long time. Your wedding should be perfect, just as you have imagined it. And while it is normal to have chosen the dress before anything else, it is also important to decide or choose other things, such as hairstyle or makeup.

If you are still unsure about how to dress your wedding day, we recommend that you take a look at these tips:

1. Analyze the type of party

makeup for wedding day

A wedding in the country during the day is not the same as a super elegant celebration at night. Nor is it the same that the party takes place on the beach than in an old house in a city. Therefore, to choose the makeup for wedding day, you must take into account the type of party that will be made.

If the celebration will take place in the morning or afternoon, then the makeup should be less charged and more natural; the tones used are clearer and the features less defined.

Quite the opposite if the party will be at night: the lips are painted more intensely, you can use darker shades for the eyes and the face, in general, is more make-up.

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2. Keep in mind your style

You’re supposed to combine the type of party with the dress and the hairstyle. Therefore, makeup for wedding day should also be ‘in tune’. We refer in this case to your personality and your look.

Sure, because if you’re a woman who is not used to make up too much … You do not have to do it for your wedding! You will feel different, artificial, recharged. The same in reverse: if you do not even go out to the door of the house without having put on makeup, choosing a simple makeup will not combine with your style.

And as for the dress, you must also take into account some issues: if you have many details (such as lace, pearls or glitters) you should not burden your face too much. On the other hand, if the fabric is simple you can compensate with a slightly more eye-catching makeup.

3. Choose favorable shades

makeup for wedding

Now we refer purely and exclusively to your skin type, your hair color, and eyes. There is a kind of rule to choose makeup tones according to these aspects, depending on whether you are of the ‘warm’ or ‘cold’ type. It has nothing to do with your personality or your style, it’s just colorimetry.

Those women who have warm make-up have brown or black eyes; dark or brown skin and brown hair. In this case, the colors that favor them are beige, ivory, caramel, gold, yellow, salmon and peach.

Women who have cold makeup better have green or blue eyes; white or light skin and black hair, red hair, blond or light brown. The suitable tones are blue, purple, lilac, gray and red.

4. Makeup according to your face

The shape of your face also determines makeup for wedding day (and for every day in general). The oval face is ‘the best of all’ as it adapts to any makeup: you can highlight the cheekbones, lips or eyes without problems.

On the triangular face shadows are used in the most prominent areas; in the square, the eyes or the lips are highlighted and in the elongated one, the width is given with a strong lipstick.

You can also choose which part of your face will be the most important according to your tastes. Some brides choose to make up the eyes well, others the lips and are those that prefer the cheekbones.

5. Perform tests

makeup for wedding day

It is really important that before the wedding you have already had at least one appointment with the make-up artist. In that session, you will have to explain what your tastes are, what your dress will be like, what kind of party will take place, etc.

She will be able to test you with what she considers most appropriate and according to what you have told her. In front of the mirror, you can tell him what you like and what could be changed.

In turn, we recommend that you do some treatments that are not too invasive on your skin to leave it radiant and the makeup looks better. Put yourself in the hands of professionals so that the day of your wedding you just dedicate yourself to enjoy. You will need several hours to prepare!

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