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Sure since you were a child you have dreamed of the wedding dress for that beautiful day … or maybe you are one of those more practical women who seek comfort and have no idea what to wear for your wedding.

One of the many things that are organized for a wedding is the attire that the bride will wear … There may be several tests in those months! Therefore, it is essential to know how it should be so that you look beautiful. In this article, we will give you some tips.

Tips for choosing a wedding dress

When you decide to marry your partner there are many things that need to be organized. You probably take care of most of them. There is one in particular that is the exclusive task of the bride: the wedding dress. If you do not even know where to start, here are some tips:

1. A dress according to the party

choose a wedding dress

The date, time and time of the year, as well as the theme of the party, have a lot to do with the wedding dress. Of course, because it is not the same to marry day than night, in winter or summer, in a room or on a field or beach … Nor if the event is casual or formal.

Once you have determined this data, it is time to go out in search of your dress. We do not recommend that you do it before, as it may not combine with the event itself. And while it is your wedding and your decision, you will want to have a wonderful time. Imagine having a sleeveless dress and short when it is 2 ° C °!

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2. Take into account your personality

Another issue that will determine the best wedding dress is to analyze how you are, what your tastes are and what you want. Your style and personality should not be seen ‘hidden’ behind an outfit or look.

At your wedding, you have all the reasons (more than ever) to be yourself. Therefore, think about how you are in every day to choose the dress. If you are not wearing short skirts, why would you do it at the party? If you do not like tight clothes, what need to wear it at the wedding?

3. Look at many models

choose a wedding dress

Nowadays with the internet, things have been simplified a lot. It’s just a matter of looking for ‘wedding dresses’ on Google and that’s it. You will see thousands of images with the most original or traditional models you want.

You also have the possibility to buy specialized magazines, especially if you prefer to be ‘fashionable’ even on your wedding day. Another option is to attend events related to this celebration, such as seasonal presentations of designers or fairs and exhibitions for brides.

4. Determine your budget

Everything that is included in the wedding should be within the budget previously agreed with the couple. Find out prices on several sites to find out how much you’ll need for your dress.

No need to spend a fortune to have a beautiful outfit and according to your tastes. You can also choose to rent one instead of buying it. Or instead of going to a designer to make it, buy it in a ‘generic’ store and then adapt it.

5. Try all the dresses you want

wedding dress

The day of the test is very important because you can look in the mirror and determine which one you like the most for that special day. Be honest with yourself: do not say ‘I will lose weight and I will be better’ or ‘no matter the discomfort, this dress is worth it’ because then you will have a hard time.

Try to be accompanied by people that you trust and can tell you what they think without cover. Do not fall into the error of buying a wedding dress that you liked in a photograph but that does not fit you.

Take the time that is necessary to choose the one you like, it is according to your budget and adapts to the party. Even if you have to spend a whole day in the dressing room! Do not forget that on that day you are one of the two most important people and that you will stand out above the others. You must shine and be beautiful!

5. Choose shoes and accessories

On the day of the test we recommend that you wear the same shoes, you will wear for your wedding and as much as possible have a hairstyle similar to the one you want to wear. Even if you already have the earrings or some other jewel, put them on.

In this way, you can see the complete outfit and also know if it is necessary to shorten the length of the skirt or if the hair looks good in the way you have decided.

6. Opt for comfort

wedding dress

It is true that the premise is to look fantastic on your wedding day. However, it is also very important that you feel comfortable and enjoy that moment. Therefore, when you are trying on the models, dance, crouch, walk a little, sit down tour … think you’ll have it on for several hours. Will you be comfortable all that time?

Maybe since you were a child you have dreamed of a princess dress, but when you try it you have realized that it weighs a lot, it is uncomfortable to walk and that you will not be able to dance as much as you like it.

Or maybe you thought of a ‘siren’ style fitted to the body and by proving it you intuited that being with something so tight will not allow you to even drink a glass of champagne without bothering you … And not to mention dancing, eating or walking among the guests!

Therefore, do not take the fact of choosing a wedding dress so lightly. Remember that it is your day and you must have a wonderful time. That includes being comfortable and splendid at the same time.

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