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The menu they will offer on that important day is, without a doubt, one of the biggest expenses of the entire celebration. However, you can opt for more original ideas and according to your tastes without staying bankrupt.

In the following article, we will give you some very interesting options for catering at weddings. No need to ‘fall’ in the typical and expensive banquet!

Catering at weddings: original ideas

For many years, certain menus were chosen at weddings because ‘they looked good’ or because they were considered traditional and classic. However, this option of starter, main dish and dessert is sometimes quite expensive.

In recent times, new trends have emerged in catering for weddings. It all depends on the type of event you organize, the time of year in which it is celebrated, the time of day, the personal tastes of the couple and of course, the money they have available. Some original ideas:

1. Have a picnic

original ideas for catering at wedding

If the idea is to organize an outdoor wedding in the best country style … what better idea than to share a picnic! Baskets full of fruit, tablecloths on the floor, cushions to be more comfortable, fruit juices, sandwiches, cakes and everything you can think of that can be eaten without cutlery and table. It will be more than fun!

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2. Tasting menu

It is one of the trends in catering at weddings, as it allows you to try many dishes without staying with appetite. The idea is the following: place a large table as if it were a buffet with ‘samples’ of meals: sushi, Galician octopus, salads, prawns, chicken, meat, pizzas, etc.

This variety of options is a more than original idea that also becomes a safe bet when the guests are of different ages or tastes. You can choose what everyone likes! And the menu will be much more varied.

3. International food

original ideas for catering at wedding

If they are a couple that has traveled a lot around the world, for their wedding they can take advantage of and offers dishes from all (or several) countries they have visited. For example, a Mexican food stand with tacos and guacamole; one of Italian food with pasta and pizza; one of Argentine food with roast and empanadas or one of Japanese food with sushi and sake.

You can also do something similar with the dessert table or sweets: German cakes, French créme brulé, Italian ice cream, Spanish nougat, etc.

4. Thematic food

Similar to the above, another option for catering at weddings is quite acceptable. The idea is the following: to organize a party whose theme is, for example, a country, a culture or a movie. And then base the menu on that theme.

If you have chosen to make a very Spanish wedding, then do not miss the paella, squid, and gazpacho. If they like oriental culture very much, they can offer chao mian or pai thai. In case you have chosen a movie, look for what dishes were served on the ribbon or decorate the dishes alluding to it.

5. Custom menu

catering at weddings

It is very fashionable to receive presents according to our specific tastes and that has also been transferred to weddings. In addition to the guests taking a souvenir related to themselves, we can also offer them a 100% own menu.

How? It is as simple as placing the name of each one in a muffin and giving it as a souvenir or pre-select the menu they want to eat (among a handful of options available). You can also make starters decorated with personal tastes: music, sports, cinema, literature, travel, etc.

6. Casual menu

Another idea for catering at outdoor and daytime weddings. Undoubtedly, this will please everyone since the menu will be ‘international’ or rather, known to each guest. Hamburgers, pizzas, chips, sandwiches … all served in trays.

You can leave them ready at the tables or hire waiters to take care of distributing the food to the guests. The idea is that the rations are small, as if they were tapas, so they can be eaten standing up and without cutlery.

7. Live cooking

catering at wedding

When we organize a wedding, many times live shows or concerts are left out due to lack of budget. So, a good idea is that the food service includes some demonstration.

It is not necessary that there are five chefs cooking different dishes, but the main dish or desserts can do it. The most striking options are the cooks preparing sautés, pancakes, Japanese food, roast beef or Mexican tacos.

8. Favorite dishes

The wedding should revolve around the tastes of the couple, although sometimes we strive to please others. Therefore, a good idea of catering at weddings is to choose the favorite foods of those who get married … and offer them for lunch or dinner.

Maybe the bride likes pasta with cream of mushrooms and the boyfriend meat with baked potatoes. Perfect! They already have two options to offer that day. Do the same with desserts. In simplicity is a success.

Do not give more to the catering of your wedding, make it simple, that everyone likes and that does not exceed the budget. It seems impossible, but it is not.

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