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That’s it, you’re engaged! In a few months, you will send your loved ones a beautiful wedding invitation to invite them to your union. You will also have to look for wedding outfits, a resplendent wedding dress, and an elegant wedding suit.

In order to fully enjoy their engagement and to announce the good news in an original way to their family and friends, some couples decide to hire a professional photographer for a commitment photo shoot. It consists of reuniting the bride and groom in a setting of their choice to immortalize the happiness of the young lovers.

If there is no question of going there in a lace wedding dress and costume of the D-day, you may be wondering what to wear in this photo opportunity. We offer below some options.

1. Your everyday clothes

photo shoot

Nothing prevents you from going to your photo shoot in your usual outfits. Some couples choose the simplicity and the relaxation for more spontaneous and natural shots.

In this case, you do not need to think for hours, get your everyday jeans, your favorite T-shirt and color tennis for a lifestyle photo shoot that you’ll enjoy seeing and seeing again at over the years.

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2. Coordinated outfits

wedding photo shoot

You want to make a little toilet effort and at all costs to ensure that the aesthetics of your photos is successful? Nothing like agreeing to choose the same style of clothing and coordinated colors.

If nothing forces you to dress identically, just think of respect a style in common without forgetting small color reminders, including through your accessories. Your color reminder may, for example, be the same as that chosen for your wedding room decoration.

3. Clothing related to your wedding theme

photo shoot

If you’ve already found your wedding theme, why not give it a wink through your engagement photo shoot?

Are you planning to get married at the beach in a natural and romantic atmosphere? Go for a total white look. Ruffled white beach dress, shirt, and white linen pants or white wedding suit, it’s up to you!

If you’ve made the choice of a rural wedding, head for plaid shirts and country dresses, not to mention the colorful rubber boots for an offbeat and festive touch.

For a wedding in Brittany, a marine atmosphere, take out your striped T-shirts and your marinières and why not yellow waxes to honor your original wedding theme.

Will your wedding be retro? Treat yourself to a roaring, the 50s or 60s look based on your favorite era for custom snapshots.

4. A dressy look

pre-wedding photo shoot

Your engagement photo shoot can also be an opportunity to put on your best clothes if you like formal wear and are always looking for an opportunity to put on a long evening dress or a beautiful suit. Again, do your shopping together to offer coordinated outfits that will magnify your presence in the refined décor chosen for your couple photo shoot.

5. An offbeat look

wedding photo shoot

A commitment session in the middle of winter? We take out his finest beige wool sweaters and bonnets for romantic shots in a snowy setting.

A session in the middle of summer? Long live the tangy jerseys and tanned bodies on a dream beach feet in the water.

The most fanciful couples can even dare disguises related to a passion, a comic book hero, a TV series, etc. Laughs in perspective for you as for the recipients of your engagement photos!

Do you plan to bet on an original wedding? Start at the engagement photo and choose outfits that resemble you to affirm your style. And offer unique shots that will complement your original wedding photos.

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