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In order to honor this great event that you are about to live, you prepare your wedding dress down to the smallest detail. The wedding dress, of course, will be the centerpiece of your look but certainly not the only one. You have already chosen a beautiful bridal bouquet to bring freshness to your ensemble. And a wedding hairstyle that will sublimate your silhouette and the shape of your cleavage. In the same way that you make sure that all the details of your outfit are perfect you probably have at heart to offer your loved ones a reception space at the height of this great day that is your union. This article for you for different glass roof wedding venue.

Are you tempted to opt for a glass roof?

Here is some information about this type of reception room to receive your guests in the best conditions.

The right schedule glass roof

Opting for a glass roof to welcome loved ones is knowing how to choose the right moment to fully enjoy this reception space. The windows being fully glazed places we avoid to organize his buffet at the peak of heat. Think of the reverb that can quickly transform the space into a real oven in summer! We prefer to organize its reception in the late afternoon or evening to avoid this problem.

There is a tendency to use canopies for seated meals because they are generally large places to easily install a large number of tables. The hiring of a canopy will be said to be used throughout the day as a place of withdrawal if you ever envisage a secular ceremony or a cocktail outside and that the bad weather is invited to your wedding! You may continue: What flowers for a wedding at the beach?

The location of the tablesglass roof

Whatever your wedding theme, you probably want to organize a sit-down meal. And that’s why you bet on a glass roof. When setting up your tables, do not put them too close to the openings to prevent your loved ones from being drafty. Avoid sticking tables to windows. And make sure there is always space between the canopy and where your loved ones will sit.

In terms of the distribution of space, you can consider a standing cocktail party with buffets at the entrance allowing guests to enter. And leave as they please during the afternoon, and a reception area sitting in the center and towards the back of the room.

Do not forget that the canopy will also be the place of your dance party. If the space rented is not very large do not panic, in most receptions under glass servers are instructed to remove some tables after dessert to make room for the dance floor.

The decorationglass roof

The wedding room decoration is a key element to the success of any reception. This is all the truer under an empty glass roof that may seem a little cold and unwelcoming. For starters, do not hesitate to add a veiling at the front door to protect your guests from drafts.

In terms of atmosphere, different options are available to you. A rural wedding decoration will, of course, be appropriate, and your canopy overlooking a beautiful natural space. You will have no trouble creating a decor combining freshness and romance. You can instead opt for the contrast by setting up an industrial style and resolutely contemporary in the heart of this green setting.

In general, we advise you to bet on a decoration at once warm. And comfortable to bring softness to this large glazed space. Think for example of the shabby chic style or an oriental wedding decoration to dress the space with warm colors and thick fabrics.

The lightingglass roof

If you are planning a reception during the day, you will enjoy the beautiful natural light. However, provide some curtains to mitigate in case of high heat, reverberation and to avoid dazzling your loved ones.

In the evening, enjoy the structure of your canopy to hang dozens of small lanterns like a starry sky for magical lighting wish. If you want to set up a chicer and dressed up atmosphere hang some candlesticks.

It’s decided, it’s a glass roof that will host your reception! Now that you have chosen your location, you can send your wedding invitation to invite your loved ones to join you on this big day. Take the time to think before writing your wedding invitation text. And do not hesitate to bet on originality forever more personalized invitations!

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