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The aesthetic is necessarily an element to take into account the day of your wedding. This is how you will not put on the first jeans that go handy but rather a beautiful wedding dress and an elegant wedding suit to be at the height of this unique event in your life as a couple. You will also want the atmosphere to be memorable and that’s why you’ll want to set up a personalized wedding decor.

If you have chosen Martini vases for your centerpieces, know that there are many ways to adapt them to your taste. Beyond floral wedding arrangements, we offer here various accessories to dress your vases.

1. Use water dyemartini vases

Do you want to customize your centerpieces without complicating your life? Purchase dyes that match the hues of your D-Day decoration and pour them into the water of your Martini vases. It’s easy to transform your centerpieces in the blink of an eye. If you plan to add flowers to your vases, make sure the dye matches them.

An alternative to water? Why not opt for colored sand? Make several layers using different colors of sand for a bluffing effect.

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2. Bet on bright water pearls

These gel beads that are used instead of water to fill the vases are very popular in the field of decorating wedding tables. They allow bringing an extra touch of refinement to your decor.

There are classic water pearls but also bright accessories that can both dress and brighten your tables. If you like the idea of a scintillating accessory, know that there are also waterproof candles or submersible light bases.

3. Floating candlesmartini vases

Floating candles are romantic and will bring to your wedding room decor the magic of candle lighting. It will not be difficult to find floating candles adapted to the size of your vases or shades of your reception. Feel free to decorate all with some floating flowers or glitter to enhance the poetry of your composition.

4. Recycle its fabric scrap

During your preparations for D-Day, you may have needed clothes that you have kept many falls from. No doubt that by looking good you can gather enough tulle to reuse for your vases, Martini.

Have fun, for example, to form pompoms to arrange at the bottom of your vases or slightly higher if you fill them with a first material, sand or gel beads for example as we have seen above.

5. Recreate a terrariummartini vases

Have you opted for a country wedding decoration? So you will love the idea of the terrarium! The basic principle is to recreate the natural environment of an animal or plant species in the manner of aquariums but here without water. For your Day J deco, focus on aesthetics first by filling your vase with earth, pebbles, moss or sand and adding vegetation to your satisfaction until you get an attractive result.

6. Install light garlands

Purchase fine LED light garlands that you will mess up inside your Martini vases. Golden or silver, these dozens of small points of light will sublimate your centerpieces for an enchanting effect!

An original wedding is above all elements of decoration adapted to the style of your big day. If you have defined two or three color benchmarks for your decor do not hesitate to give them a maximum of winks, through your country bouquets for example!

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