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You project yourself without any difficulty on your wedding at the beach. You stumble with the idea of putting on your beautiful wedding dress and say yes to the person you love more than anything. If you have already chosen your outfit but also the wedding hairstyle that will sublimate your appearance. The different flowers that will compose your bridal bouquet are also reserved.

But what about the flowers that will be used to decorate your reception area? Have you ever found them? Because you have decided to get married on the beach. You will have to take into account certain parameters when setting up your floral decoration.

Here are some indications concerning the flowers for your wedding at the beach

Which colors to choose?the beach

A wedding room decoration is not considered in the same way as an ornament intended for a place such as a beach. Since you are getting married outside in a setting where the sun will flood your reception. And you will not have to seek to bring light to your place.

However, do not deprive yourself of white flowers and the romanticism that perfectly matches your wedding theme at the beach. But combine them with stronger colors to awaken this natural setting. Bright pink, orange, and green will be good allies here. In general, do not hesitate to dazzle pink, orange and green in all their variants (from pastel tones to the most explosive tones) for a result combining pep and softness.

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Which species to favor?the beach

Who says beach says particular insular atmosphere. Tropical plants can be a wise bet to offer your loved ones an exotic decor to suit your colorful wedding invitations. Bird of paradise, heliconia, protea or passionflower are all species that will sublimate your decor.

We can also trust a more classic aesthetic by focusing on traditional bouquets of roses or by choosing to create centerpieces based on peonies. A species resistant to extreme temperatures, ideal for a summer wedding. A bridal bouquet with peonies will be an option of choice for your wedding at the beach.

Do not be afraid to go to the side of the country bouquets that are not reserved only for the wedding in the country. Wildflowers have the advantage of being resistant and offer a natural and rustic aesthetic in line with your decor.

Take advantage of your privileged location to highlight the species of seaside like tamarisk, buddleia, oleander or mimosa if the yellow color is your preference.

Where to arrange flowers?the beach

Again, do not forget that you are organizing an outdoor reception. Unlike a draft-free room, here you will have to consider the possibility of wind gusts.

So prefer weighted floral wedding arrangements for your buffets and centerpieces. Enjoy being at the edge of the water to recreate the seaside scenery by associating your flowers with beautiful pebbles and colored sand.

Favor attached bouquets rather than simply deposited. Build a wedding arch to which you will tie your favorite flowers. Use jute or woolen cords to attach beautiful compositions to the back of the bride and groom’s chairs or along the center aisle using the bars of guests’ chairs.

Wedding decor is a central element of D-Day so it is natural for you to pay great attention to it. Do not lose sight of the rest of the parameters of your day. And enjoy the unique scenery of the beach to invent an original wedding menu for your loved ones. Adapted to the restrictions that this type of place imposes.

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