Now that your wedding invitation is sent you can not go back, you must attack without delay to the establishment of your wedding decoration and the different elements that will make up your wedding. If you are worried that your loved ones will get bored on D-Day, you may have already spotted a few wedding games that will be added to the schedule of your big day of celebration.

Bride and Groom generally share the same fear, that their loved ones are bored or do not like the party for one reason or the other. We would like her guests to have a good time, and we would also like them to remember for a long time this beautiful day.

To help you remember your guests in the memory of your family and friends here are some ideas

1. Choose an amazing frameguests

Nothing is more like a village hall than another village hall. If you want your wedding party to stand out from the dozens of other weddings that your loved ones have been able to attend, start by offering them an extraordinary reception venue. Seaside, a wine of honor around a lake, a small mountain chalet, a mill, a circus tent, there are a thousand and one ways to make the imagination of your guests travel.

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2. Opt for a surprising theme

Too rural, maritime or travel wedding themes, prefer a more original idea that will certainly mark the spirits. Geek wedding, Star Wars, Harry Potter, vegetable garden, Middle Ages, Versailles Court, there are a thousand and one ways to stand out from traditional wedding atmospheres.

3. Build on the latest trendsguests

Nothing better to mark your loved ones than to make them discover something new. If you opt for the classics of D-Day, still give another turn to your reception. Take a look at the latest trends and offer your friends an offline wedding, a bar in S’mores or an original wedding gift through a flower bar where everyone can pick an accessory to complete their outfit.

4. Offer DIY gifts

A box of dragees, a keychain, a soap from Marseilles, if these ideas are all good they are not new. Instead, start in the house for a small personalized gift wish. Do not forget to indicate the date of your wedding or your first names for a memory that will last a long time.

5. Work the playlistguests

Before you even worry about finding entertaining wedding events for your guests, start by looking at your list of songs. Exit the wedding playlist that we hear at all the wedding with its old-fashioned tubes and songs too much listened to. Personalize your songs as much as possible by choosing tunes that will bring back happy memories to your family and friends. Draw in the latest novelties and the most varied styles.

6. Organize animations

For your loved ones to remember for sure your wedding ideas, you need to get them involved as much as possible. For that, bet on role-playing games, stories to invent as a group, a karaoke, a virtual game like Guitar Hero, etc. Have your guests get up from their chairs, move around, disguise themselves, and you’ll see they’ll be talking to you again for a long time.

7. Prepare a choreographyguests

An opening wedding ball will necessarily mark the spirits and will be a memory that your loved ones will carry with them for many years. Several months before D-Day develop a choreography using a sequence of several pieces of music, disguises and no dance. Success guaranteed!

8. Memorable memories with Webshots offers a free application named Webshots to help you keep good memories of your relationship. Download it to your Smartphone and you will be able to create an accessible wedding album for your guests. The day of your wedding everyone can take pictures and add them to this collaborative album! Original wedding photos are the best way to create a lasting memory in the minds of your loved ones.

An original wedding goes through a lot of little details that one after the other will allow your loved ones to remember for a long time your wedding. When sending your wedding invitations, do not hesitate to be original!

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