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The big day is coming and already you imagine going up the aisle in your beautiful wedding dress. At the end of the road is your companion who offers you his hand in an elegant wedding suit. As you approach the altar, give your bridal bouquet to a bridesmaid, and you are ready to live one of the greatest moments of your life.

So that this moment is as magical as in your daydreams, think of the decor that will house your wedding ceremony. While it is more difficult to personalize a church or the hall of a town hall, the secular ceremony offers endless possibilities in terms of decoration.

Discover the 8 atmospheres we have selected for you and tell us which one suits you best for your wedding ceremony!

1. Total Whitewedding ceremony

To bet on a style 100% white is to be sure to obtain a chic and refined decoration for its event. Whether you are considering a traditional wedding or more modern white is always a good idea. Path of white fabric or petals in the central aisle, chair covers or knots of tulle, bouquets of white roses or peonies hanging on chairs or placed in vases along the central alley, pompoms, arch adorned with a White curtain and large daisies, ideas are not lacking for a magical wedding.

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2. Glamorwedding ceremony

It’s decided, you’ll wear a mermaid wedding dress. Your wedding will be sophisticated and sensual or will not be. For your secular ceremony choose a glamorous decor starting with a red carpet, of course! The red roses will also have the beautiful part as well as the gilded and silver accessories.

We think of stationery embellished with glitter, white and golden lanterns, hundreds of small lights, candlesticks, huge wedding flower arrangements, in short, do not be afraid to overdo it!

3. Rural

For your big day, you plan to set up a country wedding decoration. Your place of the ceremony should not be an exception. For your guests, think of wooden benches or haystacks with some cushions.

Choose simple, cheerful colors, bouquets of freshly cut natural flowers, vases filled with corks and a candle in their center, decorative elements. Such as an old bicycle or a wooden ladder for an authentic spirit. raw materials and simplicity must prevail.

4. Shabbywedding ceremony

The Shabby or Shabby Chic style is inspired by English country houses to recreate a warm decor combining comfort and rustic spirit. Your colors will be mostly white and pastel shades (blue, pink, mauve, green).

The flowers must be present in large quantities whether natural or in patterns. Ancient objects will allow you to give a soul to your decor: birdcage, antique accessories flea market, garden furniture and iron structure for your ark ceremony …

5. Guinguette

You have chosen a simple wedding dress and you want the atmosphere of your day to be just as good. How about a guinguette atmosphere for your ceremony? Hang high color pennants, place Vichy-patterned fabrics on your guests’ chairs, make your own wooden altar with pallets, surround your ceremonial arch with colored ribbons, put some baby breathers in buckets steel, etc.

6. Boho Chicwedding ceremony

The term “boho” refers to the bohemian style. We talk about Boho Chic when we want to obtain a mix of authenticity and elegance. For the chic side, bet on white either for your chairs or for the altar.

Add a little bohemian touch with a thick ethnic carpet at your feet, dream catchers hung above the altar and painted pebbles along the center aisle, mismatched ribbons or fine colored fabrics carelessly clinging to the chairs of your guests.

7. Nature

Because you want a simple and authentic ceremony, do not hesitate to turn to the nature and refined elements of decoration for your environment of the day J.

Wrought iron or rattan chairs for the newlyweds, benches for the public garden guests, country bouquets in every corner, abundant foliage around the altar, cornets filled with lavender for the release of the newlyweds. A dominant of green for the accessories and here is a nature ceremony that comes alive!

8. Rusticwedding ceremony

When you think of your wedding, you see a rustic atmosphere. You like authenticity and that’s how you chose a vintage wedding dress. For your secular ceremony, prefer wooden benches and chairs sober and solid. Even if you are not at home, use wooden logs as supports for your candles, barrels can be used as trestles for the altar. An old wheelbarrow filled with petals of flowers will allow your guests to make a beautiful throw at the end of the ceremony, etc.

Once the mood of your day decided, you can choose knowingly the appearance of your wedding invitation. If you lack inspiration on this subject, do not hesitate to consult all our ideas for wedding invitations present on the site.

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