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While not mandatory, wedding themes can help you make important choices about your event. The wedding decoration as a whole, the venue of the ceremony and reception, the dress code, the wedding dress and the costume will be easier to find if you delimit your research through a common thread. Moreover, to organize an original and harmonious wedding is the guarantee of a memory engraved in the memories of all. Want to live a beautiful day that looks like you and a source of admiration for your loved ones?

There are countless possible themes for D-Day. However, some come back more often than others in today’s ceremonies.

Find out now if your wedding themes are in the top 10!

1. The tripwedding themes

This is certainly one of the most popular wedding themes of wedding parties. You can decide to focus on one or more countries or offer a tour around the world to your guests.

You can, for example, select the cities you have visited together to name the banquet tables, create a safari-like photobooth, compose a relaxation corner with ethnic decoration, or opt for accessories reminiscent of various destinations that are important to you. Do not forget to order creative announcements like a boarding pass or wedding menus in the form of taste passports.

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2. The cinema

One of the biggest wedding themes. Indeed, the cinema allows diverse and varied interpretations. Period films in black and white, great classics, cult movies of yesterday and today, the theme of cinema allows spectacular decorations and animations of all kinds. Roll out the red carpet for the secular ceremony or wedding room decor, host games and an Oscar presentation, print movie posters for your centerpieces, and continue on your seventh-art-inspired creative thrust!

3. The country wedding themeswedding themes

If you love nature and have lunch in the herb, you will prefer a rural wedding decoration. This style brings to your ceremony softness and freshness, in a simple, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Ideal for a wedding on the farm, in an inn or a country house, this theme is often adapted to the wishes of the bride and groom wishing to prepare a wedding eco-friendly!

4. The chromatic marriage

The theme of your big day can be summarized in one color. If you do not dare mixes or the rainbow trend, adhere to a tone that will allow you to accessorize your outfits, brighten your ceremony and your banquet. Choose a color that matches the season of your wedding, which also reflects your personality and mood. You can consult the colors for the year of your wedding, chosen by Pantone specialists, before choosing your choice.

5. The vintage wedding themeswedding themes

Who says vintage wedding says retro atmosphere. To you the vintage wedding dresses, Charleston, 60’s, 20’s or boho-chic. For the male dress code, braces and bow ties are in the spotlight. Antique furniture and period items should be part of your decor. As for the wedding table decoration, plan flowers and pastel colors reminiscent of the time chosen for the atmosphere of your event.

6. The music

Music softens manners and brings crowds together. This is a universal theme that will please the greatest number. It’s up to you to personalize it according to your personality: classic, rock, jazzy, it’s you who set the tone!

7. The seawedding themes

Sandy beach, limpid sky, azure, shellfish, and crustaceans, you already see you there? When we love the paradisiac islands and the long hours spent in the sun, the theme of the sea or the beach is ideal. The decor will be easy to find, the atmosphere relaxed, and the guests filled. You can also take inspiration from the sea to determine a more specific theme: surfing, exoticism, holidays, the sun yellow, so many ideas that can guide you in setting up your day.

8. Gluttony

Candy, marshmallows, and chocolates are part of your daily life? Do you want a theme that will be unanimously appreciated? So bet on greediness. Young and old alike will appreciate the candy bar and other sweet attention that you will scatter in every corner of your reception room. You can associate this theme with a carnival atmosphere.

9. The fairy talewedding themes

Do you dream of a princess wedding? Your lace wedding dress is ready to turn heads? So transform your reception space into a tale of Arabian Nights and let the magic work. This theme is particularly suitable for setting a castle or a field.

10. The medieval universe

The amateurs of the Middle Ages are numerous, and they will find in this thematic their happiness and the means to propose to their guests a most original atmosphere. Ocher and earth colors will blend perfectly with candlesticks, coats of arms, scrolls, and flasks. Imagine.

Have you found your original wedding themes among this top 10? Do you have other ideas for popular themes in mind? It is normal that you hesitate but make the decision quickly so you can choose which wedding invitation to send to your entourage. The fact of indicating on your invitations the theme planned for D-Day will allow your guests to provide tailored evening dresses and costumes.

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