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Many of your loved ones have responded favorably to the question raised through your wedding invitation. You are waiting for them with the utmost impatience and would like to thank them for their support. This is how you have already written a wedding speech to their attention and that you intend to set up a number of wedding games to make sure everyone has a good day.

If you are still looking for a wedding animation idea that will win all the votes. We will give you a secret: bet on food! Nothing like it to please his guests.

With an ice cream bar, you can be sure that young and old will line up in front of this booth that cannot be more greedy. Here are some ideas for setting it up.

The different types of ice creamice cream

There is not just one type of ice creams. What is called ice creams in its most traditional name is a product composed of milk and/or water, dairy proteins, fats, and sugars. There are also ice creams that are a mixture of cream, milk, and sugar.

If you want to offer your loved ones a lighter option, turn to sherbets, ice creams with water and sugar and a minimum of 25% fruit, or ice yogurt. If you like the rich and unctuous compositions, think of the ice creams Italian, ice creams particularly greedy and airy.

Let’s not forget either ice creams on a stick, popsicles when it comes to ice-cream or Eskimo ice creams when they take the form of ice cream surrounded by a chocolate glaze.

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The toppings

You will fill your loved ones with happiness by putting at their disposal small bowls filled with toppings to add to the top of their ice creams. These containers will perfectly complement your country wedding decor. And offer everyone the opportunity to customize their ice creams. An animation that everyone will appreciate!

As for toppings, we suggest fruits including delicious red fruits, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, wholegrain cereals, chocolate marbles, colored vermicelli, “cat tongue” biscuits and why no hot chocolate, caramel or honey to pour on its ice creams.

Classic tastes, surprising flavorsice cream

If you’ve chosen a traditional wedding theme, you may want to highlight classic ice cream flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, coffee, strawberry, caramel, and pistachio. Know that these options are always a winning bet.

If you have the bet on creative invitations and want to continue to surprise your loved ones, dare the more amazing perfumes such as matcha tea, beetroot, mugolio (pine cone syrup), cardamom, lavender or even blood orange.

The presentationice cream

In the same way that you will give the greatest care to your wedding room decoration, think of staging your ice cream bar. Choose, for example, an ice creams cart at the bottom of which everyone will dive your hand to get a delicious dessert.

Rent an ice creams maker for the occasion. Build your own bar using a few wooden planks. Install stainless steel ice racks on a table so that your loved ones just have to grab their cone.

Organize a self-service space by providing each of the cones, small cardboard pots, spoons, ice cream trays, and toppings. You are spoiled for choice!

Wedding decoration is a vital aspect of your reception. The staging will indeed sublimate all the stages of your big day. For your ice cream bar as for all the stands of your cocktail, do not neglect the wedding table decoration.

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