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You have chosen with the greatest care your wedding dress. Your companion also wants to wear a garment out of the ordinary for the big day and that’s why he opted for a beautiful wedding suit. Regarding the accessories, you will not fail to bring you an elegant bridal bouquet in perfect harmony with your dress.

The jewels are also part of these essential accessories of the D-day, starting with the essential alliances. Rather than go pick yours in store, how about wearing an old wedding ring? If this idea tempts you, here is some information.

Why choose ancient alliances?wedding rings

To prefer old to new is to bet on a jewel with a history. Rather than wearing two brand new wedding rings just out of the jeweler’s, sport a family ring with a strong meaning in your eyes.

If you particularly admire the couple formed by your grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, and aunts or other people you are very close to, you will probably want to place your union under the protection of the couple that preceded you. The old wedding rings also have that nice retro side, if you chose a vintage wedding dress.

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Restore a gold wedding rings

If the alliances you have inherited or found in a flea market are gold, know that there are many home techniques to clean them. Mie bread, baking powder, baking soda, dishwashing liquid, toothpaste, foundation, tips, and tricks are not lacking to restore brilliance to your jewel in gold.

The ideal is still to go to a jeweler who can give you valuable advice and polish your ring. Ultrasonic cleaning makes it possible to get rid of the most stubborn dirt.

Restore a silver wedding ring

DIY enthusiasts, you have embarked on self-made wedding invitations. For the restoration of your silver jewel, you would also like some home advice.

In this case, use toothpaste that you rub against the ring before rinsing with cold water. This technique will allow you to fight against the oxidation of your jewel in silver.

Refurbish a gemstonewedding rings

Diamonds can be cleaned with dishwashing liquid and a soft toothbrush. If it is an emerald, pay attention because this stone is particularly fragile.

Prefer sweet almond oil here and do not use a toothbrush as this may scratch your beautiful jewel. Ultrasound and chemical baths are also to be avoided.

Alliances at its size

In the same way that you may have opted for a custom-made blue wedding suit or have your lace wedding dress touched up to fit you perfectly, you will also need to think about adjusting your family wedding rings to your size.

Most jewelers offer this service and will adapt the rings you will give them to the size of your rings.

Customize your old jewel

If it is, of course, possible to wear his jewel as it is, there is also the possibility to change it slightly, especially in order to update it. One may wish to reshape the appearance of his wedding rings to give them a more contemporary look in line with our everyday outfits and other cocktail dresses.

If you find your ring too thin, know that it is for example possible to weld it on a wider ring or to surround it with two small rushes which will thus make it possible to rework the aesthetics of the ring or to add to it colored elements. When you visit a jewelry store, you will see how many options are there to give life and vitality to your old rings.

Wear a family jewel will allow you to customize your outfit for an original and authentic wedding. So that your day is not like you, think also to bring your own touch to your wedding decor.

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