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When we talk about decorating the wedding banquet, it is subdivided into other important items that must also be attended as is the case of the seating plan, which determines the location of the guests and adds positively to the entire set of your wedding. For this, we look for the best and most trendy ideas you can find so you can decide how you will tell your guests where they should sit.

Let’s see the ideas for your wedding seating plan

1. Boards and chalk

seating planIn the best vintage style and with incredible calligraphy, use green or blackboards to remind a little of the schools of yesteryear where chalk was still used. These can be located at the entrance of the wedding banquet hall and so guests can easily locate themselves inside the party. These boards can be accompanied with flowers, candles, ribbons or whatever you prefer. If your marriage is vintage it will work perfect! You may also check this article: 10 Tips to organize a luxury wedding

2. Tapes and cartons

For those who are looking for something simple and beautiful, colorful ribbons with cardboard that spell out the name of the guest will be very good. Choose the ribbon of the same color tone of your marriage and cardboard add a subtle decoration to give it more life. Remember that it should not be too small because what we want is for the guests to be located quickly, so it guarantees readability. It will work well in classic, traditional, day or night marriages. It really is a fantastic idea since it is simple and does not have any kind of restriction. Keep reading

3. As a clothesline

seating planEvoking a clothesline, with wooden hooks and strings you can display beautiful sheets of paper. And each will present the table with the guests who will sit on it. This style comes very well in boho or rustic type weddings. This structure should be placed in a place that is not affected by the wind or rain (do not take it so seriously to turn it into a real clothesline)

4. A detail in origami

Origami is an Asian technique and with it it is possible to make thousands of fantastic shapes. You can surprise your guests with cute shapes made in origami and find their names there. They will also serve as reminders and “kill two birds with one stone”.

5. A plant

seating planFor environmentalist couples, the best way to announce their seating plan could be through a friendly expression with the environment. And what better way than with a small plant. Choose the one you like best and fit your budget and everyone can take home a bush as a gift from the newlyweds.

6. Follow the theme

If you chose a special theme for your big day, the seating plan is part of all the decoration and let everything take its course. What will be yours?

7. Frames

seating planFrom a couple of years ago, frames are preferred in marriages, both for photos, for signatures and now for the seating plan. If you add hearts, they will be more romantic and everyone will be quickly located at their assigned table.

8. Personalized pliers

In the wooden clothespins you can paint them as if they were the same couple there and in the middle put the name tag of each guest.

9. A cupcake

If you want to receive your guests with some food and at the same time have an adorable seating plan. And then give your marriage sweetness with a delicious cupcake. So that the guests can enjoy while all the fun begins.

10. Cocktail

seating planAnd if instead of food, prefer to be more fun and receive your guests with something more “powerful”. And then a delicious cocktail is the one that holds the name of each guest, surely you will surprise everyone.

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