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Organizing an original and above all luxury wedding requires a certain budget, you know it. Do you want to go out the big game with a star wedding decor? Or to shine under the flashes of your photographer and your guests with a sublime wedding dress? Here’s how to organize a luxury wedding for every element of your big day and spot professionals specializing in luxury.

A glamorous and couture luxury wedding dress

luxury wedding

The wedding dress is the first thing your guests will admire and the element that must represent the elegance of your union. To dazzle them, choose a model in fine lace or silk, designed by a great designer.

For style, opt for your style for a mermaid wedding dress or a dress worthy of a princess, a strapless neckline, Queen Anne or bare shoulders for a chic and glamorous effect guaranteed! The fineness of the details is also to be taken into account. Opt for embroidery, beads or rhinestones carefully worked.

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A groom’s suit worthy of a gentleman

A beautifully tailored designer suit tailored to your body and a well cut is the sign of class par excellence. A white luxury wedding suit can give a prestigious and princely look to your big day’s look.

The black bent tuxedo is more classic but just as chic and ideal for the desired result. Accompanied by a pretty tie, a lavender or satin bow tie, you hold the entire panoply of the perfect gentleman. Keep reading

The most valuable alliances

luxury wedding

Jewelry houses offer a choice to the bride and groom. Whether it is yellow, white or pink gold, select a jewel that shines with beautiful and imposing precious stones. The white diamond is one of the most precious stones and the ones that best reflect luxury wedding.

But you can also opt for an Alexandrite, a sapphire or emerald. Why not make a tailor-made or personalized alliance? It will be in harmony with your personality and your style. Keep reading

A wedding hairstyle accessorized

A tiara or a barrette of stones or shimmering pearls are the luxury wedding accessories for hair that will beautifully embellish the hairstyle of the bride, on a perfect bun or half ponytail raised, play the queens of the day!

A hairstyle on the side like a pretty braid can also give you a so chic look. Accompany your headdress with a more or less long veil or a bibi if you are in the luxury vintage theme of the 20s.

A sophisticated wedding bouquet

luxury wedding

Opt for a bouquet of white roses, lilies or orchids. Complement your bouquet with a few sprigs of baby’s breath or cotton balls depending on the season to give it maximum volume.

Take these few flowers for the buttonhole of the groom, a small detail that will make you a matched couple. Which class!

A chic and romantic reception place

The venue of your event is a big criterion for a successful luxury wedding. Book a castle, a domain, a casino, a luxury hotel or a yacht. Do not hesitate to do in excess to impress your guests.

And for the geographical situation? Paris is an ideal city to embody luxury and romance but you can also opt for the Côte d’Azur or even a dream destination abroad.

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A luxurious decoration

luxury wedding

Sprinkle all kinds of wedding flower arrangements, martini glasses filled with pearls or floating candles, numerous lights, light garlands and tea lights to illuminate and sparkle the place.

Attach white wall hangings to the ceiling as a wedding room decoration and for your tables, embossed porcelain crockery, various gold and silver knives, and forks on either side of the plates, table mats in the vertical protruding from the tablecloth, beautiful candlesticks, pearl necklaces …

A baroque style decoration inspires a certain richness but a contemporary and sober decor can be just as chic. It’s up to you to play according to your theme, your tastes and the atmosphere of the selected place. If you’re short of inspiration or time, hire a decorator who will work wonders for these few ideas.

The menu

Promote the service to the plate with a menu offering gourmet dishes and a neat presentation. Go for 2 starters and 2 courses per person and select deluxe products such as foie gras, truffle, caviar, lobster … Embrace the taste buds of your guests in chic costumes and evening dresses.

In wedding animation, for example, offer a tasting of wines and cheeses and complete the feast with a selection of sweets prepared by a master pastry chef, all accompanied by great champagnes of course!


luxury wedding

This is the time to please you, it’s not so much the wedding car decoration that matters, but the car itself. Again, different models can live up to your event.

You are rather a limousine, sports car or vintage car? Rolls-Royce, Ferrari or Aston Martin? Most of these car rentals include the provision of a private driver, you would be wrong to deprive yourself!

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Wedding games

A brilliant idea of wedding animation that will impress your guests is without a doubt the fireworks. Another bright and original idea is to call on a troupe of professional artists for a magic show or a grand dance show.

And to top it off, you’ll get a golden wedding speech! This magical event will only happen once in your life, give yourself all kinds of whims to keep a memorable memory. If you have chosen a luxurious wedding theme, all the follies are allowed to fulfill your deepest wishes!

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