Hello!! If you prepare for your wedding reception and if you worried about childcare problem, so you just need to hire a perfect babysitter. You cannot wait to find your best friends in their beautiful evening dresses and all your friends dressed for the occasion of elegant wedding costumes to share with you your happiness and party until the end of the night! You want to organize an original wedding so that your loved ones take full advantage of every moment, you have decided to provide them with a babysitting service.

If your own children and those of your guests are also invited to your wedding, it is indeed wise to provide someone to take care of it so that adults can party without any hassle.

Here are some tips to help you choose your babysitter and set up this special service for your big event.

1. Calculate the number of children

To properly organize your babysitting service, start by taking stock of the number of children who will be present on your wedding day. It is generally advisable to have a responsible adult for 5 young children, a facilitator for 10 children when they are a little older and autonomous.

babysitterThis will allow your loved ones to avoid finding their little ones hanging on their long evening dress or putting their sauce-covered hands on their white wedding suit! Remember that you will have to provide childcare for children up to about 12 years old. Beyond this age, it is possible to integrate adolescents at the same reception as that of adults. Continue reading: 10 Ideas for original wedding guestbook

2. Choose a trusted person

Once the number of children is established, you will know how many people you need to hire to complete this task. You can turn to someone around you, a babysitter who you are used to calling every day. Keep reading

babysitterYou can also opt for a professional graduate or a company specializing in child marriage animation knowing that their rates will be higher. Feel free to use word of mouth to find the rare pearl. The owners of your place of reception or your wedding planner may be able to recommend a person you trust. Keep reading

It is imperative that you meet the preselected person before hiring them to see if the current is passing between you and if you feel that you can trust them. Ask all your questions, find out about the person’s experience. Ask her if she has a BAFA diploma or first aid training. A real plus for coaching a group of children.

3. Plan the program upstream

Get along with your babysitter about the kid’s program for the day. If you use a specialized company, they will usually take care of the logistics from A to Z. If you have chosen an independent professional, clarify the tasks that come to him and those you will have to handle.

babysitterYou must know if you need to provide some ideas for wedding games for the little ones or if your babysitter takes care of coloring, board games, DVDs and other entertainment. Specify with him the different times of the day, animation, meals, reading, bedtime, and all that he will have to manage on his own. Keep reading

For your part, plan a space dedicated to children, a meal, treats, a pretty decoration of colorful wedding table. And especially some mattresses and cushions for the little ones who will be able to rest while waiting for their parents.

4. Agree on schedules and tariffs

Inquire from the start on the rates of your babysitter and indicate the number of hours of presence envisaged. Count on average 12 dollars per hour for an independent professional and at least double for a specialized company. If you hire a freelancer, you will certainly also have to cover his travel expenses, or even accommodation according to his working hours. It is generally agreed that the bride and groom also provide for the meals of their nannies.

babysitterIf you plan on hiring your childcare professional late at night, find out about possible night fares that may be higher (around 15 dollars per hour on average). If the number of hours of presence is particularly important, try to arrange a package with your provider.

Parents, reassured by the care of their children, will be full with you, attentive and available to participate in the wedding games planned for their attention or to listen with emotion to your wedding speech of thanks.

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