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How to pamper your black skin with a successful wedding makeup? There are shades to avoid as well as techniques to forget. This makeup must also match your wedding dress according to the color and style of it, without at the same time stealing the show from your wedding hairstyle!

Here are the 10 mistakes you must not make for a black skin bride!

1. Too much skin tone

black skinThere is no need to change the color of your skin to brighten your complexion. Apply a moisturizing foundation of a shade adapted to that of your skin. Remember to use a day cream before that by emphasizing the nose, forehead, chin and the underside of the eyes. Prefer mattifying products to hide small imperfections. Keep reading

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2. A cream too greasy

A foundation too creamy will leave you a shiny skin. Black skins tend to be fat, so opt for a fluid foundation. Otherwise, use a matte base before applying your foundation.

3. The effect masks no, the velvety yes!

Black skin usually have some small color irregularities. You must, therefore, unify your complexion. By cons, avoid too much powder or apply a foundation too thick. Create a velvety effect with lighter textures.

4. A concealer of the wrong color

You should not apply too much concealer, otherwise, it will mark your fine lines more clearly than your natural complexion. A small touch is enough to gently tap the underside of the eye. Feel free to go beyond the dark circle’s area for a better, more concealed finish.

Genetic hyperpigmentation or big fatigue, if your dark circles are particularly dark, be sure to use special products on a daily basis and not only on D-day. Good nutrition and long hours of sleep, nothing better than to cure them. As for the cosmetic solutions, you will have to make masks with repetition, twice a week.

The day of your big and beautiful event, camouflage your dark circles with an orange corrector and a sponge, then apply your foundation. Keep reading

5. Lipsticks too contrasted with your skin

black skinDo not use purple or orange color. Opt for a deep red, glossy brown or intense pink that will sublimate the color of your lips. Follow the advice of your providers if you want more than just a gloss. For an intense and colorful mouth, well delineated and long-lasting, check out a wedding makeup tutorial and comment on your wishes with your provider during the first appointment.

6. The rectangular eyebrows

Your eyebrows may lack texture. In this case, do not draw them too straight or too exaggerated. Even if you would like to have well-marked eyebrows, the shape should remain natural and the head of the eyebrow should not be too square. For a more beautiful effect, use a brown pencil and not black after brushing your eyebrows. You will get a natural bridal makeup and consistent with your complexion.

7. False eyelashes “too false”

black skinIf you have the particularity of having curved lashes but without volume, opt for false eyelashes to perfect your bridal makeup for brown eyes. No need to stretch them out like a cabaret dancer. Ask your professional to help you design makeup with eyelashes corresponding to the length and volume suitable for your festivity.

8. Do not blush the blush

We often see a black skin make-up with candy pink cheekbones. If there is no color rule and you have to do several tests to determine the one that suits you, it is essential to blur the blush so that the makeup is successful.

Know how to dose and limit yourself to the area of the frame of the cheekbones by wielding a wide brush from bottom to top. Then blend well with a large feather duster brush.

9. Eyeshadow too colorful

black skinAlthough your skin is ideal for bright tones, you can use a light eyeshadow to bring out your eyes, and add a brown eyeshadow, with some gold or green. Forget the roses, blue or orange that could hurt your complexion or not to match your wedding dress.

10. Glitter on your face

Be satisfied with a complexion illuminator. Sequins stand out too much on the dark skin. Depending on your wedding theme, rhinestones and sequins, in small doses, can be a good remedy to look after your appearance with glamor. Put a few on your eyelids to accentuate the depth of your eyes and voila!

If you like glittering and your day J lends itself, you can also apply a glittery gel or a few brilliant touches with a spray on your neckline, especially if you wear a strapless wedding dress on the day of your beautiful union. Body or hair, limit yourself to one area and ensure that the result is uniform.

Ready to shine with your wedding bouquet? The makeup is there to sublimate you, which is why it is important to know the secrets of each type of skin. Follow these 10 tips to avoid making a faux-pas on your wedding make-up.

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