The most beautiful memories of your union are those you will keep in mind. The images, the scents, the words of the wedding speech and the sensations of D-Day will never leave you like the photographs that capture the magical moments of an original wedding . However, there is still a way to keep your wedding day’s memories of a different kind: the guestbook.

For your guests to express all they have to say, do not forget to prepare a special area reserved for the guestbook . You re-read their messages as often as you flip through your photo album, whenever you want to relive your beautiful event. Until now known as a notebook, we offer other writing media for your guests .

If you are one of the married who wants to shake the norms and habits, surprise your loved ones with these new formats of guestbook:

Here we write 10 ideas for wedding guestbook

1. The wall with envelopes

guestbookHang on a board as many envelopes as guests. In the style of a mailbox, your loved ones will insert inside them messages of thanks , kind words and their opinions on your bridal party. When your event comes to an end, you will get all the envelopes you can keep in a box and put next to your photo album. Continue reading: 8 Tips for a perfect wedding buffet

2. A puzzle

Buy a wooden puzzle to paint, mix large pieces in a box that you make available to your friends on the day J. Ask them to pick one and write their messages on it. Once your event is over, you’ll have a good time assembling this big puzzle about you. Above all, take the time to read every little word, every text of love . If you like it, post it in your living room.

3. Hole cards

You can also print cards with a text with holes and distribute them to your guests to fill the different spaces. You make sure to keep pretty souvenir cards for all your wedding stationery. In addition, you will be sure to get from your guests the desired information: what they thought of you during your first meeting, where they come from and an adjective to describe your party, for example. So, nothing will escape you, nor anyone.

4. The fingerprint tree

guestbookIn place of the traditional guestbook, prepare all the necessary equipment for your guests to draw as a fingerprint tree! With the tips of their fingers, they will make a pretty picture that will remind you of their presence on your beautiful day. You will not have to put it away at the bottom of a drawer if you frame it! They should not forget to put their name around their fingerprint so that you can identify each person who was at your side.

5. The polaroid

What if your modernized guest book helped decorate your wedding? What a good idea ! Place on a table a polaroid and a panel with the instruction “Make your selfies and hang them on the wire using a clothespin”. Stretch several strings over your souvenir corner so that your loved ones can display their photo and all the clichés of your guests are admired by everyone. If you still want a little phrase on the wedding from them, have them write a note to you on the back of the photo about your celebration. Keep reading

6. The garland of small words

Also to decorate your reception, prepare a garland with a long ribbon on which you will thread several cardboard boxes. Put the garland in a basket and ensure a beautiful presentation. In turn, your guests will leave a note on each box and when everyone has participated, you can display the garland in the room or outside in the gardens of your reception area.

7. The message tree

guestbookChoose a tree with beautiful branches. At the foot of the tree, drop a packet of small perforated labels and wire. You will have understood, your guests too, it is on these that your loved ones write their impressions and their encouragement. They will finally hang them all over the tree, which will be a very nice effect. If you’ve chosen a country wedding decor , this is the perfect option for your guestbook!

8. The photobooth book

There is no need to avoid the classic book at all costs. You can simply change the instructions, replace the writing with photos or want both. In this case, associate the photocall wedding animation to the guestbook by placing them both nearby. After having gone through the photo booth, your guests will be able to keep a copy of their photograph. And dedicate another copy that they will stick on the pages of your souvenir notebook.

9. The boxes

guestbookEvery message from your guests is personal and unique. It might even be interesting to keep them secret and only read them again after your festivity. You can then refuse to post photos and small papers that your friends have prepared for you and install a shelf or box to collect their little words away from prying eyes. It’s also a way of encouraging them to write something more intimate.

10. The typewriter

And if the typewriter that decorates the table dedicated to the guestbook really worked? You know, the one that gives a vintage look to your wedding room decor but is only there to be admired? It is very likely that your guests will be excited to write a small typed letter . It’s all about that, to find an idea that attracts them and invites them to write to you . For you, it is also a very nice memory!

You have just discovered various ways to keep the most beautiful memories of your guests. Often used as a wedding decoration item, your original guest book will arouse the curiosity of your guests. You can integrate yours at wedding games if you have imagination. So do not hesitate to look for the most lively ideas, your guests will remember for sure!

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