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In the traditional seated dinner served at the table, some sometimes prefer the wedding buffet option. They would be wrong to deprive themselves and give up their idea of an original marriage in every way! Indeed, the buffet is a particularly convivial meal option. If you do not want dinner to freeze the good atmosphere that has been established between your guests and that they remain free of their movements and their meetings, this is the choice you must make. Your guests in suits and evening dresses will be able to get up as much as they like, go hungry, and chat with others over the delicious food they have prepared for them with an original wedding menu.

Set up a wedding buffet seems a priory simpler than organizing a seated dinner. However, you will still have to take into account a number of parameters that we detail here.

The amount of food

wedding buffetThat says wedding buffet does not say approximate quantities. It is necessary that everyone can feed himself to his hunger, without finding you with disproportionate remains late in the evening. To do this, the recommended average is 9 pieces per person. Continue reading: Organize your wedding reception on a boat

The contents of the wedding buffet

Salty, sweet, cold, hot, liquid, solid, do not hesitate to vary the pleasures. Also, think of providing dishes related to the season of your wedding. Although a cold buffet is the simplest option, if you get married in the middle of winter, also plan on warm; a soup bar, for example! Finally, who says marriage says exceptional day. Choose refined dishes and elegant presentations, such as petits fours or verrines. Keep reading

The location

In our imagination, buffet often rhymes with fresh air! Organizing your reception outside will allow you to fully enjoy the setting of your wedding. On the other hand, beware of bad weather. The buffet being your centerpiece, be sure to shelter in case of bad weather. To do this, there are several options: the reception room or a tent or marquee.

The wedding buffet table

wedding buffetIt must be decorated in the image of your wedding. However, do not overload decorative elements. Instead, focus on a beautiful and appetizing presentation of your different trays. If you have invited a large number of people to your wedding, plan several buffets. This will prevent your guests from lining up or interfering with each other while using it.

The journey of the guests

In the same vein, consider providing an accessible path for your guests between the buffet and the tables. This space should be clear enough so that people do not interfere in passing, but not too far from the tables of guests to avoid endless trips back and forth.

You can, for example, have buffets on both sides of the room, to divide into two the flow of your guests!

Guest tables

Buffet style does not mean dinner standing up. Your guests will have already spent several hours trampling and will be happy to sit down to enjoy their tasting. Also, plan a sufficient number of tables, and do not forget to decorate them with the colors of your reception. Keep reading

The menu

wedding buffetFor dinner placed, the menu is often displayed on the tables, in front of each guest. Here and so that everyone identifies what he is enjoying, you can provide small slates to have on buffets, behind each tray of food. These signs will serve as both indication and decoration!

The service

Although in this case, the guests serve themselves, do not forget to hire some servers. Indeed, you will need staff to bring the dishes and remove trays when they are empty. In addition, if children or seniors are part of the wedding, it will be good for waiters to help them serve or bring their plate to the table.

Follow these few tips and everything will be fine. Have a plan B on hand to deal with the unexpected and you will get a buffet without fail. So that this moment of sharing remains an unforgettable memory for you and your family, organize outdoor wedding games. From the traditional throwing of the bridal bouquet to wooden games and dancing activities, take care to please all generations.

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