It’s time to prepare an original wedding urn where your loved ones will be able to deposit checks that will help you on your honeymoon. Already have an idea of ​​your destination? Before defining the place where you will stay, we advise you to choose the style and characteristics of the trip that corresponds perfectly to your tastes. Adventure, luxury, relaxation, party, what makes you feel the most like an original and well-deserved wedding gift?

Keep in mind that anything is possible. Indeed, in recent years, new honeymoons trends have appeared, a wide range of proposals that we want to present to help you make a decision.

Buddymoon or honeymoon with friends

honeymoonAppeared timidly in 2012, it will be necessary to wait until 2015 to see this unusual tendency of the “honeymoon between friends” to be confirmed and to seduce young couples. The idea is simple: choose a few friends, especially couples, set a destination, and establish a budget for each before your flight. Continue reading: Organize your wedding reception on a boat

The advantage: A fun alternative, modern and less expensive than a traditional honeymoon.

In love and in backpacks

If you want to wake up the adventurer inside you, why not opt ​​for a honeymoon trek and backpack mode. If you are both on the same wavelength, then do not wait to book a somewhat wild getaway. Chile, Mexico or Vietnam are destinations that are ideal for combining adventure and romance.

Hiking, sports walking but also extreme activities such as skydiving, paragliding, diving or climbing, activities to practice duet are not lacking. Bags on the back, go on an adventure sleeping and eating homestay.

The advantage: incredible memories during an economic honeymoon that will allow you to soak up the local culture.

A 100% themed honeymoon

If you like organized and themed trips, there are several options available to you. Consider a stay that suits you and you will achieve the madness you so desire.


Luxury, calm and voluptuousness

A honeymoon under the sign of luxury, elegance, and refinement, what do you think? Choose a splendid hotel and a chic destination like Dubai or the Upper East Side neighborhood in the heart of Manhattan. Book activities worthy of princes: starred restaurant, carriage ride, wine tasting, romantic sunset …

A well-being stay first and foremost

Well-being means paradise island and magical destinations like Seychelles or Bora Bora. Pamper yourself in the company of your lover: Jacuzzi, massage, midnight bath, lazing in the pool, treatment institute.

The ecological honeymoon

Respect the environment when organizing your honeymoon, you think it’s impossible? Think again. Some key points are to respect for an eco-friendly honeymoon.

  • A destination close to your place of residence
  • The means of transport that pollutes the least possible. Take advantage, for example, of bike rides, walking or public transport to rent a car.
  • An eco-friendly accommodation such as an “Ecolabel” hotel, a bed and breakfast or a charming cottage.
  • Activities that liven up the local population: village shops, tasting at the local vineyard …
  • The advantage: a magical journey AND good for the planet.

An exotic honeymoon

honeymoonTo leave far from everything, in exotic and unknown countries is that what attracts you? Look no further, the honeymoon is for you. On the program: a destination to a country with a completely unknown culture of both. Choose a typical accommodation to immerse yourself completely in the local atmosphere. Traditional dishes, neighborhoods off the tourist circuits, also adopt local customs.

The advantage: an incredible experience and a change of scenery guaranteed!

Among all the proposed trends which fit into your projects? After getting original wedding photographs of the whole of D-Day, it’s time to gather good memories from somewhere else, thanks to the destination and type of trip of your wishes. Take great care of yourself and make the most of your honeymoon, which is a beautiful and relaxing extension of your original wedding.

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