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Between your advances in wedding decoration and contracts signed with your various providers, preparations are going well … But you have not yet decided on your wedding dress and your beauty. To be sure to hit the nail, the best is still to find the brown brides wedding makeup suitable for your style and especially your hair color.

Indeed, for a harmonious make-up, many parameters come into play, including this one. Here are 4 proposals that will go perfectly to all future brown brides.

The content of summery:

  • A hypnotic makeup
  • The metalized at the coast
  • A baby doll makeup
  • The smoky blue

We explain here rest of the article:

1. A hypnotic makeup for brown brides

First, get a fresh complexion by concealing your dark circles with a few light touches of green. To give a touch of pep’s, remember to emphasize your cheekbones with an old rose makeup. brown bridesA beautiful, smoky eyeshadow will perfectly enhance the look of brides with dark hair. To do this, apply a line of fine eyeliner flush eyelashes and work your eyes by degrading brush with shades of gray anthracite. This bridal makeup for brown eyes naturally focuses on your eyes. So do not overdo it, so choose a discreet lipstick color for a nude mouth worthy of the finest natural bridal makeup. Continue reading: Makeup techniques for the bride

2. The metalized at the coast

Achieve a fresh complexion by illuminating the strategic areas of your face before going to the most important: the look. Invest in an iridescent, metallic eyeshadow applied with small touches.

With this type of makeup, several options are available to you regarding the choice of colors. Adapt them to the best according to your hair and its shades: brown, brown, auburn wick … You can thus opt for a gold eyeshadow, taupe or camel. A coral or apricot lipstick will complete this sophisticated beauty. You can also match it to your blush as long as your hand is light. Keep reading

3. A baby doll makeup

Although quite easy to achieve, this falsely-wise make-up of a woman-child will hit the mark. A fresh complexion, a line of black eyeliner well drawn to get doe eyes and a passionate red mouth: that’s the winning trio. Feel free to follow a wedding makeup tutorial to succeed for sure this technique.

This modern-day doll makeup will ideally highlight your brown future bride mane.

4. The smoky blue

This bold beauty set is particularly suited to the trendiest and avant-garde brown brides. Choose shades of blue eyeshadow that blend well together, such as deep blue and cobalt blue. With fine brushes, work your eyes by accenting the gradient towards the outside of the eye.

 brown bridesFor the smoky side, add a good dose of black voluminous mascara. The eyes are quite loaded, just pass the transparent gloss on your lips to put them discreetly in value.

For a flawless complexion, do not forget to sublimate your face with a free mineral powder, a concealer, an illuminator, a BB Cream and a moisturizing foundation.

Now you just have to choose from these different suggestions. Do not worry, luckily, many colors are perfect for brunettes! For a structured set, just remember to adapt your makeup to your wedding hairstyle. If you choose to accessorize your hair with colorful flowers, be sure to choose the same colors as your bridal bouquet.

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