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You are already planning for the future and imagine each day what your big event will look like. You see yourself evolving among your guests in your pretty wedding dress. Represent yourself hugging your companion in his beautiful wedding suit. You may also have in mind the perfect wedding reception decoration for your day.

But do you know where your wedding reception will be? Choosing the location of your wedding is indeed a priority and a determining factor for all your preparations. Today we suggest you consider a reception at sea for a wedding that will surely surprise your guests!

Choose your wedding reception boat

In the same way that one hesitates between a village hall, a castle or a domain, one should also choose between different types of boats. First, you have to decide where to go for a walk: sea, river, pond. Depending on this parameter, you will have several options: barge, flyboat, sailing or motorboat, cruise ship. Keep reading

wedding receptionChoose your boat according to your wedding reception theme, your style, but also taking into account the number of guests invited to celebrate with you this great event. Pinasse for a wedding in small committee (about ten people), boat-restaurant can accommodate up to 250 guests, the offer is vast and adapts to your needs. Continue reading: Wedding decoration company: How to invest in this segment

Take all necessary information

Find out in detail before making your decision. If possible, go on site to visit the boat. Make sure the captain’s presence is included in the price of the service. Ask about the equipment on board (toilets, bathroom, kitchen, etc.). Ask what are the formulas offered by the company (all inclusive, caterer included, service carte), what are the rental hours and of course the total cost of the service.

If the boat offers its own caterer, ask for a tasting to be sure to get an original and tasty wedding reception menu. See if you can customize the boat by bringing your own wedding room decor or if the boat rental company provides a unique decor for all events.

If you choose a small boat and especially a sailing boat, do not hesitate to ask if heels shoes are allowed to have time to prevent your girlfriends otherwise!

Inform guests

wedding receptionAvoid putting your friends before the fait accompli on D-Day. Some of your loved ones may be sick in the boat or suffer from a real phobia of water. Specify your choice in your wedding reception invitation text or pre-survey your guests to make sure your friends are as excited about this idea as you are!

Monitor the weather

If you opt for a fly boat or other large barge, the weather should not be a problem. These boats have covered areas where it will be possible to fully enjoy your evening whatever the weather.

If you are betting on a small sailboat or motorboat that you intend to drive at sea. Pay attention to the weather forecast. Beyond the rain, a sea too rough could cause serious damage to your guests! In the latter case, ideally, plan a plan B if unable to go out at sea.

Provide some accessories

So that your wedding reception invitation remains magical for your loved ones, think of their comfort! Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen for a full-summer cruise, seasickness medicine to avoid having your evening ruined, be considerate for everyone to have a great time.

wedding receptionDo you dream of an original wedding? A wedding reception on the water is the idea for you! Embark with your loved ones on your favorite ship and treat yourself to a unique souvenir that you can relive with envy thanks to your original wedding photos.

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