It’s not every day that we make up for an event that is entirely dedicated to us! Because your wedding day will be your big moment, here are some Makeup techniques to be at your best!

Makeup is an art. Every day, you probably practice it in moderation. A little mascara, a little blush and you go to work! Whether you’re a natural skin lover or have some basics in applying foundation, you may not be prepared for a bridal makeup.

Indeed, the beauty of a woman for a day as special as that of her marriage requires specific knowledge in terms of makeup. Do not panic, here we will give you some keys to help you prepare for this great day when the flashes of the photographers will not stop chasing you!

Where to start your makeup?

If you have no idea about makeup, D-Day is not the time to test complex techniques or sophisticated colors. Make-up, therefore, recommends a light make-up. Start with the complexion using a tinted cream light and mattifying if your skin does not have too many defects, to unify

If you have a problem skin choose the compact powder that will allow you to achieve the same effect. To enhance your complexion, put a light blush on your cheekbones, blending well.

For the eyes, choose a light shade, nude or a brown pencil with a brush and a touch of mascara. For the mouth, a slightly pink lip balm. Continue reading 5 ideas for an innovative wedding photobooth

I want a bright complexion!

To make sure your face shines brightly on D-Day, get ready upstream. Make regular scrubs by stopping several days before the key date to avoid the appearance of small buttons. Remember to moisturize your skin daily, even if it is oily. Use a gentle makeup remover that you complete the action with a lotion without alcohol.

On D-Day, apply a mattifying make-up base to tighten the pores of your skin and promote makeup. Favor a light complexion and in harmony with the color of your skin.

An explains, no need to choose a dark color in the hope of appearing tanned. Better a color approaching that of your skin tone to brighten your face!

A pink blush or peach will help you bring some pep to your complexion, but remember to fade everything so that the effect remains natural.

How to highlight my eyes and lips?

For the eyes, attack the gradient technique. Choose a light color and a darker one. You must place the lightest color on the inner part of the eyelid and the darker color on the outside. Blend your finger to blend the whole thing

For the mouth, try to draw the outline of your lips without going over. The line of the lip pencil must be invisible at the end of makeup, perfectly melted with your lipstick. You can help yourself with a fine brush to do this.

What is my makeup color?

One chooses one’s makeup according to the color of his eyes, his complexion, and his hair. The outfit only intervenes last. Dark eyes can afford everything, from sparkling colors to dark ones, and nudes. Light eyes should choose brown or taupe to emphasize the look or play on the contrast with pink or purple. We advise you to escape the garish colors just like the green which benefits almost nobody!

Is contouring done for me?

The contouring plays on the shadows to bring relief or on the contrary to dig the face, to soften the features. It’s a way to redraw the face to make it look better. Foundation and/or powders and concealer are used to practice this method. This is a delicate technique that is best entrusted to an expert for the big day so as not to be wrong. If your face is round and wide, contouring can help you gain finesse.

How to make up for the photo shoot?makeup

For the photo shoot, nothing better than a bright makeup with iridescent colors to hang the light and have beautiful transparencies. This is of  Make-up recommends. On the other hand, she suggests avoiding glitter that does not offer as much brightness as iridescent makeup and lacks refinement.

I want a trendy makeup!

Brides usually look for natural beauty with a fresh complexion and valued eyes. If you want to follow the trend, opt for a fresh makeup in taupe tones whose lightness does not prevent to highlight the look. Ideal for a bohemian wedding!

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